It’s 3:00 AM…Do You Know Where Your Call Center is?

It’s 3:00 AM…Do You Know Where Your Call Center is?

Instant connectivity and information access. Getting what you want when you want it isn’t a matter of being self-absorbed anymore. It’s simply part of the times in which we live. The regular 9 to 5 no longer exists. Your customers are doing business outside of normal business hours today, and the trend is here to stay.

That’s why Centrinex offers 24/7 call center service. For our clients who have moved to round-the-clock service, it’s been a real eye opener, not to mention profitable.

The business gained during non-traditional hours tells a lot about the opportunities lost before investing in 24/7 customer service. Each time a customer can speak to a customer service representative versus a voice mail increases the odds of a sale. When one-on-one interaction isn’t an option, the chances the customer will move on to another company that offers it increases dramatically.

How do you know if you need 24/7 call center service? Even if your business isn’t the type that warrants taking “emergency” calls, that doesn’t mean you aren’t missing some serious business opportunities. With the Internet, customers from around the world can do business with you. What’s the middle of the night here is mid-day elsewhere.

24/7 service allows your doors to be virtually open all the time, handling sales and the support that eventually leads to more sales and profit. As a 24-hour call center, Centrinex offers customer service support via phone, chat messaging and email, catalog and online orders, appointment scheduling, inbound and outbound customer surveys and more. Depending on your call center goals, we’ll develop a plan, analytics and customer service representatives that will help you achieve them.

Flexibility goes both ways. 24-hour call service is flexible for your customers, but the service itself should be flexible for you. Centrinex makes it easy for you to try it out and discover whether or not the missed business opportunities warrant expanding your customer service hours. Services are cost effective, billed by the minute versus quarter hours or hourly.

Having a 24-hour call center gives your customers what they want when they want it. Even at 3:00 AM. Some of the best customer relationships begin when you least expect them to. If the amount of business you could be losing by not being available 24/7 has ever worried you, now is the time to give it a try.