About Centrinex

We are Centrinex, the nation’s leader in call center management specifically for the financial services industry.

Meet the Leaders

Why Centrinex?

When online lenders want to improve conversion and default rates, they turn to an experienced call center to help them improve the process. And when they want to do this using the best people, tools and market intelligence in the industry, they call us.

As the nation’s leader in call center management, technology, customer service, data analysis, and performance-based solutions for the financial services industry, Centrinex helps improve clients’ bottom lines through measured performance, the use of advanced technology, and by recruiting, training and retaining the best industry talent.

Our clients come to us for:

  • Reducing call center overhead
  • Utilizing industry and call center best practices
  • Improving their bottom line
  • Custom call center consulting service
  • In-depth reporting
  • And proven results


Knowledge is Power

We improve our clients’ performance because of our deep understanding of the lending and call center environment. We share that knowledge with our clients, whether it’s within an existing business or for a new start-up organization.

We understand lending from the inside out. From vendor selection to establishing performance criteria, we can help any new or existing lending organization improve their likelihood of success. The tens-of-thousands of calls and transactions we conduct every day become the knowledge base from which our clients make important business decisions that improves call-center performance.


All About Performance

At Centrinex, it’s all about performance:  measured performance, people performance and smart performance.

We believe so much in measured performance, we have created pricing and compensation relationships that are truly win-win for our clients. More importantly, through our data capture and analytics we can show you improvement steps toward better performance today, not after the fact.

When it comes to people performance, Centrinex clients recognize that call center management for financial services is a combination of art and science. That’s why they trust us to recruit, train and retain the best customer service representatives and give them the most advanced tools in the industry. No other company does more to make their people productive.

And as for smart performance, we believe in demonstrating it through analytics and measurement. If you doubt that outsourcing your call center management can improve your bottom line, give us a call. We understand call center management and opportunities for bottom line improvement better than anyone.

Centrinex leads the industry in demonstrating the value of performance-based service among call centers.  This is especially important for new lenders establishing baseline goals and objectives. We have case histories, analytics and knowledge where performance outcomes can be demonstrated and applied to others. Here, new lenders can better predict their future success, and existing lenders can forecast a measurable improvement in higher conversions and lower defaults, positively impacting the bottom line.

For the financial services industry, the conversation between a call center representative and your customer can make or break a relationship with your company … for years. Isn’t it frustrating to lose a customer simply during the call center process?

At Centrinex, we focus on three goals:

  • to demonstrate value to our clients through performance-based relationships
  • to recruit, train and retain the best talent in the call center industry, and
  • to understand financial services call centers better than anyone else.

The result has been rapid growth for Centrinex, as more and more companies realize that call center management takes substantial experience, knowledge and investment.

So, when performance calls, count on Centrinex for your partner of choice.