Case History

Centrinex believes in demonstrating performance through analytics and measurement, our success stories prove it.

Meet the Leaders

Partnering Makes All the Difference

In 2005, a new client decided to take a chance on Centrinex. Today, they continue to use our services for all their call center needs because we truly “partnered” with them. We continue to work together to come up with new and innovative ideas to increase conversions, lower defaults and lower
acquisitions costs.

We’re in a constant state of testing with them: trying out new ideas that our frequent phone calls and visits enlighten us to. We look for little victories over the long haul by always having new ideas that get tested. We then review the results when completed and see if it’s something that made enough of an impact in order to put the process into full production.

Outsourcing Leads to Growth

A lender was doing its own call center operations for years in its own center. But when they decided they wanted to grow, they knew it was going to be too expensive and time consuming to do it on their own. So, they decided to outsource to Centrinex.

Within a week, the operations were running as smoothly at our call center as they were at their own. Since then, they’ve been able to double in size (and double again!) with even better results than they had on their own. They knew the cost of running their own facility was much more expensive than outsourcing the day-to-day work. But it was necessary so they could concentrate on the most important part of their business: growth.