It’s Instantaneous. It’s Groundbreaking.

It’s Instantaneous. It’s Groundbreaking.

It’s Call Me Now—Centrinex’s Pioneering Web Call Back System

When a loan application lead comes into your call center, a 5-minute response time is good. Two minutes is better. But what if your representatives made instantaneous contact with applicants? That would have an unprecedented and phenomenal impact on your sales and operations. And now it’s possible with Centrinex’s Call Me Now.

Call Me Now is our pioneering call back system. It is a web call back function, not a predictive dialer, which automatically makes the call to applicants for your representatives. That means that your CSR hears the call as it’s ringing. Call Me Now puts your customer service reps in direct contact with applicants at the most critical point of the decision process. It calls applicants on their work and cell phone numbers at the exact same time that they are in front of their computers, e-signing the loan application.

This is a highly emotional point in the decision-making process. Applicants are weighing their options between applying for a loan or risk their utilities being shut off. Will they pay their mortgage or the car payment? Reaching people at this critical point allows CSRs to present a loan as a viable, convenient and smart option.

Call Me Now puts all the variables that affect your conversion rates in your favor. Instant response assures applicants that their form was sent successfully. Knowing they’ve applied with you makes applicants far less likely to submit loan applications with your competitors. Receiving a call immediately catches applicants before they go back to work, walk away from the computer, check on the kids and other every day life distractions.

It’s a given that the faster your response time, the better your conversion rate. CSRs can’t afford to delay making contact with applicants. However, for whatever reason, your CSRs are allowing what Centrinex feels to be too much time pass.  That lag time is costing you customers and profit. Call Me Now takes the call back out of your CSRs’ hands and does it for them. Representatives can qualify leads in seconds, not days after they’ve turned stale. Call Me Now dramatically reduces the number of follow-up calls required, increasing productivity without an increase in staff size.

Your bottom line boils down to your response time and CSRs’ productivity. Call Me Now is a groundbreaking system that addresses both like no predictive dialer can. It puts your representatives in touch with applicants right at a critical time in an emotional process. Centrinex is testing Call Me Now and will make it available to our customers in early November. Along with ODIS and our other products, Call Me Now is leading the industry while others play catch up.