Call Center Career Opportunities: Centrinex’s Greatest Asset is Our Employees

Call Center Career Opportunities: Centrinex’s Greatest Asset is Our Employees

There is nothing special about companies saying employees are their greatest assets. It’s used so often in job recruiting and advertising that it’s lost its meaning. After all, how many employees, especially in customer service jobs, really feel like they’re treated as a great asset? If that’s hitting close to home, then maybe it’s time to explore call center career opportunities at a place, like Centrinex, where you do feel appreciated and can thrive.

Centrinex Not Only Talks the Talk, but Walks the Walk

Our call center leaders are serious about building up talented customer service representatives so they can become supervisors and managers. This is important to us since we promote 100% from within, meaning our entry-level customer service reps can take their career as far as they want. It’s not only good for our employees in terms of promotion options, but also good for Centrinex and our clients because the most experienced people who know our processes move into management roles.

The numbers prove it. There is one supervisor for every 15 customer service reps, which means help and support is quick to find and easy to get. For every 30, customer service rep positions, there is one manager. This ratio opens up a number of positions to which Centrinex employees can advance.

What are the chances for career advancement at Centrinex’s call center? If you work here for a year or more, there is a greater than 50% chance of being promoted to a management position. On our call center floor, half of our employees are customer service representatives and the other half are associate supervisors or above.

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Being Promoted at Centrinex Comes with More Benefits than Just a New Job Title

Don’t you love when you get a “promotion,” but it’s really just a new job title with more responsibility but none of the perks that should come with it? That’s not how we operate at Centrinex. Our leadership team hires people who are talented and dedicated. Entry-level call center representatives may come from the restaurant or retail industry or even right out of school, but they all have talent and skills. We want you to succeed and give you plenty of opportunities to gain experience and build your knowledge.

If you choose to move in to a supervisor or manager position, we ensure you get the perks that come along with it. First, a salary increase, of course. Plus, while all Centrinex employees have access to health insurance, a promotion means the company pays a larger percent of your monthly cost.

There also is the better bonus earning potential. Centrinex pays $50,000 A MONTH in bonuses to our employees. As a you move up the leadership ladder, your potential to earn larger bonuses each month increases.

Centrinex’s Leaders Pay Attention to What Matters Most to You

Customer service representatives typically value opportunities for growth and development, a positive work-life balance and fair compensation with benefits. Centrinex goes above and beyond to provide those benefits.

But, as the saying goes… money isn’t everything. When you’re searching for a meaningful job, other things matter, too, like the company’s reputation, the culture and the team you’d be working with. Clear communication and transparency are also important. Basically, you want to like where you work.

Being a call center customer service agent at Centrinex comes with a variety of benefits if you’re looking for a fulfilling and stable career path. Here are just a few on top of great pay, ways to build experience and chances for advancement:

  1. Job stability: Call centers are often in high demand, meaning job opportunities are readily available. This makes call center jobs a great option for those looking for a stable career and secure future.
  2. Flexibility: Call center jobs can offer flexible scheduling options, which can be beneficial when you’re juggling other responsibilities or obligations. This allows for a better work-life balance and makes it easier to manage other commitments.
  3. Helping others: Many people find satisfaction in being able to assist customers and resolve their issues. This gives your job a sense of purpose and satisfaction.
  4. Interacting with a diverse group of people: Call centers, like ours, often handle a wide variety of calls, giving you the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of customers. This can be a great opportunity to learn and grow.
  5. Teamwork: Centrinex has a team-oriented environment, where employees work together to achieve common goals. This creates a sense of camaraderie and belonging.
  6. Sense of accomplishment: Resolving customer issues and providing excellent customer service can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride in a job well done.

Overall, call center jobs at Centrinex are a terrific career path if you enjoy helping people and have strong communication skills. With a wide range of benefits and opportunities for growth, it’s no wonder that Centrinex call center jobs are a popular choice for many job seekers at any point of their career.

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