Centrinex Turns the Call Center Floor into an Immersive Gaming Experience

Centrinex Turns the Call Center Floor into an Immersive Gaming Experience

A Fun, Competitive Work Environment for Customer Service Jobs

Centrinex is teaming with ZIZO, a gamification software platform developed specifically for the workplace. Call centers and customer service jobs have a reputation for being… well, tedious. So, why not make it fun? That’s why we’ve decided to change the way our customer service representatives approach their work.

We understand that a fun and rewarding work environment fosters a positive attitude, which leads to better performance, increased job satisfaction, and happier employees. By bringing in gamification, we’re creating a dynamic work environment. From team-based competitions to individual challenges, there’s always something new and exciting happening at our contact center. Plus, engaging in a little friendly competition with chance to earn rewards are always fun.

An Immersive Gaming Experience at Work

An Immersive Gaming Experience at Work

Centrinex has always recognized and rewarded our customer service representatives for their hard work and dedication. ZIZO is another way to help us reward employees and teams for meeting their goals and nailing other job responsibilities.

Like other immersive gaming experiences, our employees create their life-like avatar. Points are earned for being on time and such. Then, there are contests to win and goals to meet, individually or as a team. Employees see where they stand in real-time. As points are earned and add up, they can be redeemed in the Rewards Store for a massive variety of products and work perks or even money.

It’s Not All Fun and Games; It’s Advancing in a Career

Centrinex is committed to creating a workplace that values and celebrates diversity and equal opportunity. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a fair playing field, and we’ve created a work environment where everyone is encouraged to bring their unique talents and skills to the table.

With ZIZO gaming platform, our leadership can accurately track performance and teamwork, and compensate our employees accordingly. From a game perspective, it’s fun and gives employees the chance to compete and earn great rewards. From a career standpoint, each level represents experience—experience that translates into career opportunities and promotions.

An Immersive Gaming Experience at WorkIf you’re looking for a job change, a career with advancement opportunities, or just want to be part of a fun and rewarding work environment with lots of benefits, join our team.

Check out our job openings and apply today. We have a fast-paced work environment, so you can expect to hear back quickly from our human resource team.