Call Center Jobs in Kansas City: The Best “Worst Job” You’ll Ever Have

Call Center Jobs in Kansas City: The Best “Worst Job” You’ll Ever Have

Just like “Karens” and “Boomers,” call centers and customer service representatives (CSRs) get a bad rap. And, just like some Karens and Boomers, they’re not all bad. In fact, some of them are pretty fun and down to earth. If Centrinex, a call center in Lenexa, was a Karen, we’d be the “cool” Karen or Boomer.

If you ask the vast majority of our employees, you’ll hear a different story than what you’ve experienced in real life, the movies or television. It’s a matter of applying for a call center rep job at the RIGHT call center.

Is a job at a call center worth taking a second look at? We think so. There are a lot of financial, fringe and fun benefits at Centrinex that you won’t find elsewhere, like in retail and restaurants. But, you have to decide for yourself. Let’s start at the beginning with the big picture.

What Do Call Center Reps Do Exactly?

We can’t speak for all call centers, but here at Centrinex, our call center reps work on behalf of our clients. Meaning, companies use Centrinex as their call center rather than having their own.

One major difference between us and others is that we work with our clients’ customers who want to talk to us because they’ve asked for more information or need help with something. So, while there are a few angry people or hang ups, the people we talk to are excited and grateful for our help. Our customer service reps are solving problems for people, not annoying them.

When we hire call center reps, we have a client in mind for each one. That means you’ll get to know one client and their business very well, which makes it easier to be successful in your job. A customer service rep’s job duties include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Providing customer service support using different channels, such as phone, text, live chat and email
  • Listening to customer needs and offering thoughtful, helpful solutions
  • Creating a satisfactory customer experience
  • Documenting and responding to tickets and requests for support
  • Working with the manager and team to meet customer goals


How Do I Know if I Have the Right Skills to be a CSR?

Here’s what we know because we’ve seen it time and time again over the years: being a successful, personally satisfied CSR takes a certain attitude or mindset versus having a set of skills. If you’re the type who is open-minded, willing to learn and overall positive, the other skills will come easily and soon enough through our training and ongoing education programs.


Call center reps who have experience in retail stores and restaurants tend to enjoy and succeed at Centrinex because they are used to working with the general public and providing good customer service. They also like the more structured work hours, higher pay and benefits that retail and food service rarely offer.

Can I Work from Home as a Call Center Rep?

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, our leadership team transitioned everyone we could to working from home. Since then, we’ve put protocols in place to bring our teams back to the office. We’re all wearing face masks, keeping safe distances, limiting non-employee access, and using an abundance of hand sanitizer. To even further assure our employees that we’re doing all we can to protect their health, our executive management team invested in two body temperature cameras, created the Centrinex Health Clinic and hired a certified nursing assistant (CNA) to staff it.

Talk to one of our human resource experts to discuss the possibility of working from home.

What if I Want More Than a Job? What if I Want Opportunities?

Ohhh, we love this question! Centrinex promotes 100% from within. Our leaders and managers (even our President and COO) started on the call center floor. If you have dreams for something bigger, all you have to do is let our team know, and we’ll do everything we can to support you. Read the stories about how our managers got to where they are today.

If you’re retired, going to school, raising kids or just simply want a stable job that pays well, Centrinex is a perfect place for you, too.

Ready to see for yourself why being a CSR at Centrinex may just be the best job decision you ever make? Let’s get started! Check out our job listings. You’ll hear back from us pretty much immediately, and you could be starting in a matter of days.