Great Career Opportunities Take Commitment on Both Sides

Great Career Opportunities Take Commitment on Both Sides

Customer service jobs start on day one. But a great career opportunity takes time and commitment, on both your employer’s and your part. For Centrinex, that means if you give us 30 days, we’re committed to showing you what a great place to work this is.

There are call center jobs, and there is working at Centrinex where our team members enjoy support from management and the chance to move up the ranks as far as you want to go, both personally and financially. It’s one of the reasons more than 500 people choose Centrinex. They come from the restaurant and retail industries and put their skills to use for better pay and working environment, not to mention a set schedule. Some got fed up in entry-level positions and wanted to be promoted to management positions. Others want to earn good money while raising kids, going to college or enjoying retirement.

One thing they all have in common is that they’re committed. They show up, and they’re on time. They take pride in their work, and they are treated with respect. And, it all started with their job interview at Centrinex. We ask the questions that matter because we want employees to be happy; that matters to us and we show it in promotions, diversity and benefits (but, more on that later).

We want to know if you have other “irons in the fire?” Why? Our clients are counting on our customer service reps to support their sales and business. We made a contract with them to deliver exceptional service, and committed employees do just that.

We want to know what you know about Centrinex? Why? People want to learn about people, places and things that interest them. Our HR team certainly is interested in you if we schedule an interview, and we hope our call center work environment and benefits appeal to you.

30 days. You could be 30 days away from a great career with trainers, managers and supervisors who set you up for success. Get a spoiler alert of what to expect during that time. Our call center is only as good as our people; and our people are only as good as the tools and resources we give them to succeed. We take your training and development very seriously. Whether you see yourself getting promoted to management, need flexibility with your personal life or supplement income in retirement, we take your needs seriously.

Serious Benefits for Serious Applicants

A great career is even better when you enjoy benefits that truly make a difference in your life. Centrinex offers a stellar package of financial benefits, ranging from health insurance and 401k matching to paid time off, paid holidays and more. The personal benefits support your well-being, and they include a wellness program, personal recognition, continuing education programs, tuition reimbursement and more. Plus, there are the perks that make working at Centrinex fun. We love a good lunch, spirit days, easy parking and access and more.

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Centrinex is a Place You Want to Work

Between our positive environment, great co-workers, supportive managers, focus on diversity and excellent benefits, Centrinex is a call center where you want to work, and like everything else, you have to give it a chance. Commitment goes both ways, and we do everything we can to prove we’re committed to supporting you in building a great career with us.