Creating Careers Out of Call Center Jobs: “Centrinex Talk” Spotlights the Company’s Leadership

Creating Careers Out of Call Center Jobs: “Centrinex Talk” Spotlights the Company’s Leadership

At the end of a year that has been unsettling, finding your footing again in your work life can bring a much-needed sense of certainty. What certainty means to you may be different than to others. But, it’s basic human nature to want job stability.

How do you gain that security when a global pandemic is driving up unemployment rates, especially in the retail and food industries? For the premiere of the new “Centrinex Talk” series, we invited three levels of call center management to join us for roundtable discussions at the Golden Ox in Kansas City’s West Bottoms. They talked about everything from how they created management careers out of customer service call center jobs to what they learned that makes them good leaders today.

The “Centrinex Talk” #1 in Brief


The big question posed to Centrinex’s associate supervisors and supervisors was how did they earn their current management position. They shared their promotion strategies over cocktails and appetizers.

Each one started as a customer service representative. In fact, that’s where Centrinex leaders start, even Rudy Waldner, now president and COO. He shared his story of joining the company “Undercover Boss” style, going through the same training and working on the call floor for six weeks before revealing the position for which he’d been hired.

Our call center supervisors explained how they earned their promotions. Not surprising, their approach to their jobs are similar to successful employees everywhere who earn promotions. They are innovative, positive, flexible, part of a team, ready and open to learning and never say no. One supervisor talked about how she realized that a job isn’t always about money. She was a week away from leaving Centrinex for a job that paid a little bit more at another company. She chose to stay at the last minute and worked her way up to supervisor instead. She wanted to quit job hunting and build a career where she feels she’s treated well.

At a company where promotions occur from within and employees are valued, it’s easy to think of your best moments. For our supervisors, the trust they feel, the investments made in their success, the training beyond work skills, such as stress management and personal finance, and the smooth, 2-day transition to working from home in March of 2020 ranked high on their lists.

Watch “Centrinex Talk” episode 1.

The “Centrinex Talk” #2 in Brief

Senior-Level Managers

The topics of discussion with Centrinex senior-level managers over dinner (brand managers, operations managers, and key and new accounts managers) were how their experiences shaped their management styles and led to memorable moments at work and play.

Attitude was a common thread for Centrinex’s senior-level managers. They discussed their philosophies of showing up, working hard and being happy, learning from their and others’ mistakes and successes, being self-motivated and sufficient, building relationships, working as if you own the business, loving what you do, having patience, and looking at challenges as opportunities. These attitudes shape the way they manage staff. They’re quick to empower, celebrate the little things, promote a healthy work/life balance and enjoy giving others the chance to advance.

At the end of the meal, this group celebrated their “victory” moments. Saving a client money by eliminating need for a phone system that wasn’t working anyway, taking over a client’s call center and decreasing time between leads coming in and following up, and ramping up for a client with 20 CSRs overnight… to name a few.

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The “Centrinex Talk” #3 in Brief

The Executive Directors

Jim Christianson, CFO, Rudy Waldner, President and COO, and Bart Miller, Owner and CEO gathered to reminisce about Centrinex’s earliest days, the culture they helped created and support, their favorite moments and victories (and duds) over the years, their appreciation for clients and partners, as well as their visions for Centrinex’s future. You don’t want to miss the executives’ discussion about fashion or the night Bart brought out the absinthe.

Watch “Centrinex Talk” episode 3.

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