News from Centrinex

Call centers experience their heaviest volume of the year between Thanksgiving and the second week of January. Payday loans are flying out the door as consumers turn to lenders for their holiday shopping cash. Once the presents are open, consumers apply for payday cash advances again to get them through the first couple weeks of the year. Lenders’ loan caps are in place throughout the year, however, it can be a rare occasion to reach them. It’s a different story during the holiday rush when lenders can hit these caps by 2:00 pm every day.

It’s Call Me Now—Centrinex’s Pioneering Web Call Back System

When a loan application lead comes into your call center, a 5-minute response time is good. Two minutes is better. But what if your representatives made instantaneous contact with applicants? That would have an unprecedented and phenomenal impact on your sales and operations. And now it’s possible with Centrinex’s Call Me Now.

Call centers generate massive amounts of data—data that is too often funneled into programs and reports that rarely see the light of day. Which is unfortunate to say the least. Never before has the need to not only store that data, but also actually make productivity and profit changing been greater. A call center’s data is where the heart of the operation thrives… or flounders.

After two years of continuous growth, Centrinex announces the addition of new career opportunities in their Lenexa, Kansas call center. Centrinex was founded in June of 2005, and since then, we have grown to nearly 600 employees, providing verification of loan applications to other businesses in the financial services industry.