Centrinex’s Call Center Agents Have the Right to Pursue Happiness and Job Satisfaction

Centrinex’s Call Center Agents Have the Right to Pursue Happiness and Job Satisfaction

Call center work can be rewarding, fast paced and satisfying. An eight-hour shift can go by quickly. As far as jobs go, this one has lots of opportunity to advance. But without the right culture in place, like all jobs, it can become a means to a paycheck, which leads to restlessness and searching for something more meaningful. Since we spend one-third of our days at work, a culture that supports and encourages job satisfaction is important to and good for both employee and employer.

Creating a sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction doesn’t happen by accident. It must start at the upper levels of management and run through the entire organization. Recently, Centrinex’s management team penned and adopted what we call our own internal Bill of Rights. It is designed to add value to our call center agents’ lives both inside and outside of the workplace.

Centrinex’s Bill of Rights is posted at all of our entrances and throughout the facility to remind our call center agents of our commitment to their happiness and sense of job satisfaction. And, they go a little like this:

  1. Introduction to a Corporate Environment & Professionalism
    • How you present yourself and your work
    • Defined boundaries, rules and regulations
    • Adherence
    • Act and speak appropriately
  2. Empathy
    • Patience
    • Take time to listen to a co-worker’s or customers trouble, offer advice where needed and if appropriate
    • Customers who are experiencing a hardship or frustrated by not getting the best answer
    • Lend a hand when possible
  3. Productivity
    • Utilize a check list to assure all duties and projects are accomplished
    • Use your time wisely to produce for your team and the client
    • Visibility to help foster a solid work ethic
    • Minimize down time and maximize output
    • Actively working
  4. Accountability/Ownership
    • Honest and reliable
    • Accountable for your time and work
    • Follow procedures
    • Own up to mistakes and the outcome and learn from them
  5. Teamwork & Collaboration
    • Get and offer input to the team to reach department goals
    • Pull together to help out other team members
    • Play a part in the bigger picture
    • Learn to voice your opinion appropriately – is it my turn?
  6. Time Management
    • You manage the day instead of the day managing you
    • Being on time, being early
    • Accomplish projects prior to due date
    • Punctuality
  7. Effective Listening
    • Listen before speaking
    • Listen to coaching feedback
    • Ask probing questions for more detail
  8. Conflict Resolution
    • Find and reach a solution together
    • Learn to de-escalate highly emotional situations
    • See different perspectives
    • Find common ground, negotiate, and compromise
  9. Multitasking
    • Organization (workflow, desk, etc.)
    • Be able to adjust the plan when the day requires it
    • Step in when and where you are needed
  10. Cultural Diversity
    • The call center is a melting pot of this country
    • Clients, co-workers, consumers– take pride and try to show it off
    • Respect others and their views and backgrounds

Not only are these “rights” displayed around the Centrinex offices, but also, they are a part of our training process. New hires are asked to rank these “rights” in order of importance to them. Our management team reviews how they were prioritized to create a tailored plan that helps new employees improve weaknesses and put their strengths to best use by helping others who see those strengths as their weakness. As time goes on, the flexible plan changes to match where employees are and where they want to be.

At the end of the day, the Bill of Rights supports our culture in which people and their happiness matters. Centrinex is a place where work is more than just a paycheck, it’s a place where people learn and grow in ways that improve both work and personal lives.

If you’re looking for a career at a call center where job satisfaction matters, learn more on our careers page.