Centrinex Announces Leadership Changes to Support Upcoming Company Growth and Hiring Surge

Centrinex Announces Leadership Changes to Support Upcoming Company Growth and Hiring Surge

Leaders across many industries have had to rethink their operations, adjust their business goals and adapt their workforce as a result of the pandemic. The outsourced call center industry falls in this category. Early and quick decision making on Centrinex’s strong leadership’s part kept our company ahead of curve when guidelines and restrictions went into effect last spring. Months later when our center could reopen, even more physical changes were already in place to keep our employees safe and healthy as possible.

Our employees come first, however, there are other factors to consider, which drive Centrinex’s growth. Without a crystal ball to foretell the future, our executives are determining the course that leads to growth and future success. After discussions with several business owners, Bart Miller (Owner & Chief Executive Officer) reports that the course is clear: acquire other call centers.

We are thrilled to announce that Centrinex plans to purchase three call centers by the end of 2021. The easiest way to grow our company is through acquiring other call centers, so we are looking for opportunities in both our region and across the country. Bringing more companies under our umbrella is needed to not only support the increase in business we’re currently experiencing, but also position Centrinex for even more growth as we bring new customers on board.

To better align our company’s immediate and future strategies, we are making a few organizational changes.

Rudy Waldner will continue to lead our operations, as well as oversee all human resources and recruiting functions. As such, Rudy will assume the role of President in addition to his role as Chief Operating Officer.

Jim Christiansen will continue to serve as Chief Financial Officer.

Over the next several months, Bart Miller (owner & Chief Executive Officer) and Jim will be looking for more ways to grow the business, in addition to potential acquisitions of the three existing call centers as mentioned above. However, as part of his succession plan, Jim also will begin transitioning some of his responsibilities to others over the next several months.

Centrinex is Hiring Today and for New Business to Come

We’re soon to outgrow our current call center office space, and acquiring other call centers will open room for us to expand.

Currently, we’re allowing some staff to work from home to ease space restraints for our call center customers who don’t require our representative to work on-site.

As we move forward with our plans to purchase other call centers, we will be ramping up our recruiting and hiring efforts. One of the many benefits of working at Centrinex is our employee & client referral program.

More than 500 people work at Centrinex as customer service representatives. Some come from fast food or retail store jobs, some come from other Kansas City call centers, some want to quickly move from entry-level jobs to management careers, and others need flexibility as they raise kids, go to college or ease into retirement.

If you or someone you now is ready to work at a stable, growing company where talent and skills are valued, explore job openings at our call center today.