Centrinex Breaks 1.6 Million Monthly Calls…

Centrinex Breaks 1.6 Million Monthly Calls…

And All We Got was This Non-Lousy Quality Assurance Policy

When your customer service representatives (CSRs) are handling 1.6 million incoming and outgoing calls a month, your quality assurance policy has to be airtight and enforced every minute, every hour and every day of the week.

In fact, October was a record setting month for Centrinex in terms of call volume.  The forecast for December is even higher, as we’re expecting our CSRs to make and take over two million calls.

While increased volume of anything can come at the expense of quality, that’s not the case with Centrinex. Our quality assurance policy is stronger and more enforced than ever. So how does a call center monitor and evaluate the quality of over 2 million calls a month?

Well, it’s certainly not easy, but we never sacrifice quality for quantity. Everyone gets involved with measuring quality assurance – including administrative, management and executive staff – to show our clients and team exactly how important it is to maintain the best service out there no matter how many calls come in and go out a day.

Our QA (quality assurance) department is on the job monitoring calls and stepping in when necessary to create the best possible experience for callers. But our QA policy doesn’t begin, nor does it end, there. Executive level management is deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of our call center. Hands-on doesn’t adequately describe it. Our executives, from the president down to all the C-level staff literally have their ears to the grindstone, or headset in this case.

For a minimum of 15 minutes every day, each Centrinex administrative, management and executive staff member grabs a headset and listens in on customer calls. Twenty execs per day at 15 minutes a time equates to 5 hours a day of senior-level evaluation, and that means nothing regarding quality assurance is falling through the cracks.

Our approach to quality assurance gives us data. That data indicates performance and performance is crucial whether we’re dealing with 16 or 1.6 calls a month. The level of accuracy, compliance and service our clients have come to expect from Centrinex remains the same because we go out of our way to uphold our quality assurance policy.