Centrinex Call Center Services is Well on the Road to “Normalcy”

Centrinex Call Center Services is Well on the Road to “Normalcy”

We’re ecstatic that our call center environment is heading back toward a sense of “normalcy,” especially considering the journey we’ve collectively taken to get here. This time last year, the world had surpassed 1 million COVID-19 infections. Our leadership team was working quickly to install two body temperature cameras, to smooth employees’ transitions between working at our call center and at home, and putting into place Centrinex’s Return to Work agreement.

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The Return to Work agreement spelled out the ground rules of our company’s and employees’ responsibilities. Because our entire team took the rules seriously and felt a sense of accountability for their own health, as well as the health of others, we’re anticipating lifting the mask requirement at the end of May. Currently, both the city of Overland Park and the state of Kansas, where Centrinex Call Center Services is headquartered, have no mask mandate.

Bart Miller, Centrinex’s Owner and CEO, explains, “Doing the right thing is part of our call center’s culture, so it wasn’t a surprise that our employees were so responsible over the past year. So much so that there have been hardly any cases of employees testing positive for COVID-19 since the beginning of 2021. I have no doubt that taking personal responsibility in combination with the protocols we put in place are the reasons that we can look forward to ‘normalcy’ perhaps quicker than other call centers.”

Also, contributing to everyone moving forward is the availability of vaccines. Centrinex’s leaders are leaving the decision to get vaccinated up to individual employees and are not requiring it. Miller believes getting vaccinated is a personal choice, and will keep in place the body temperature scanner, an abundance of sanitizer and cleaning protocols, social distancing guidelines and dividers.

“We respect each other’s preferences and space, which is why we still have more than 100 customer service reps working from home. One day a month, we accept applications from reps who’d like to be considered for at-home employment, so there are a lot of opportunities to match an employee’s level of comfort,” says Miller.

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Centrinex is a culturally diverse, inclusive organization, that actively supports and helps charitable organizations. During the pandemic, blood donations were down. We continued to partner with the Community Blood Center to host quarterly blood drives. To date, we have collected 254 units of blood.

Along with continuing to support the needs of our community at large and our anticipated removal of the mask mandate on May 31st, Centrinex’s leaders are busy organizing a company-wide picnic at the park across the street from the call center’s main location on June 2nd. The park is the perfect outdoor setting for celebrating and social distancing.

Of course, if we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that things can change fast. Miller explains, “The actions we’re taking and events we’re planning are based on the virus information and trajectory we have right now. Of course, this could change based on federal, state and local guidelines. We’ll always do the right thing, but we’re looking forward to the future.”

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