Centrinex Expands Its Call Center Footprint with a New Bannister Location

Centrinex Expands Its Call Center Footprint with a New Bannister Location

Centrinex, a national leader in call center management for banks, financial services and other industries, such as healthcare, transportation companies and government agencies, has a new location in the Bannister Road Corridor in south Kansas City. The decision to expand our call center’s footprint solves several, multi-faceted challenges that not only we’re facing, but also our clients and employees. In fact, it’s such a strategic decision that it may serve possibly as a new business model in the future.

Meeting Our Clients’ Needs

With the sensitive nature and strict regulations associated with some of our clients’ industries, it’s important they have an outsourced call center that can truly tailor both services and the space to their specifications. Whether personal preference or industry- or government-mandated requirements, the Bannister Road location has the space in which separate areas can be built to suit our clients’ needs. Also, this call center seats 75 customer service representatives.

For call centers, having redundant backup recovery protocols is crucial to delivering reliable, consistent service. Without a functioning call center, organizations can be dead in the water, so to speak. Centrinex’s Bannister location acts as yet another backup for our clients, offering peace of mind that it’s business as usual even under the most taxing events or circumstances.

Meeting Our Employees’ Needs

Being a leader in the call center industry requires recruiting and hiring talented and motivated customer service representatives. Like many cities across the U.S., the Kansas City metro sprawls out to many suburbs. By having a Centrinex location in the Bannister Road Corridor in addition to our 47,000 square foot facility in Lenexa, Kansas, we are able to offer convenience to current and future customer service representatives from both sides of the state line. The Bannister Centrinex location is conveniently located off the 435 Interstate, cutting down commute time, whether driving or using public transportation. Plus, there is plenty of parking available.


A New Business Model for Centrinex Call Center?

“Our Bannister Corridor location could prove to be the blueprint for our business model,” says Bart Miller, CEO and owner. “This facility serves our call center, clients’ and employees’ needs in many different ways. We know having excellent career options close by is important to hiring quality talent. By expanding with smaller, remote facilities in smaller towns, Centrinex not only becomes an important community employer, but also continues to provide our clients with trusted, reliable outsourced call center service. While the Bannister location is certainly not considered nearby a small town, we cannot ignore the similarities that could prove it to be a smart business model for future growth.”