Click Your Heels Three Times and Say, “There’s No Place Like Centrinex for Career Opportunities”

Click Your Heels Three Times and Say, “There’s No Place Like Centrinex for Career Opportunities”

Our talent acquisition director recently made an interesting observation. Upwards of 50 percent of Centrinex’s current employees have either worked for or applied with us in the past. Considering we have hundreds of call center representatives on staff, 50% is an extraordinary number. When it comes to career opportunities, it’s rare a person accepts an employment offer from a company they previously rejected for another position. Perhaps even rarer is an employee who returns to a previous employer after they left for “better” job. However, this is what is happening at Centrinex, which is headquartered in Kansas.

Everyone Dreams of Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Just as Dorothy realized in The Wizard of Oz, despite dreaming of better faraway places, there is no place like home. Centrinex delivers on its promise of being a place where careers are both financially and personally rewarding—a tough combination to come by in the workplace. There are call center jobs, and there is working at Centrinex where you have the support and opportunity to take your career as far as you want to go.

A lot of employers talk the talk, but with the number of former employees who return, we can’t help but think they don’t walk the walk. Our call center is only as good as our people; and our people are only as good as the tools and resources we give them to succeed. We take training and development very seriously. It’s why we can promote from entry-level jobs to management careers. And, we are committed to promoting people from within, so for those who have an eye on management positions, they’re in reach.

“In 2015, I was looking to find a place where I could find job stability and stay. I’d worked in a call center before, and I was referred to Centrinex by a team leader. It took me 10 months before I was promoted to an associate supervisor position,” says Gabrielle Rediger, a department supervisor.

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Much is Learned Along the Road

Centrinex is as much a human resources (HR) company focused on developing employee careers as it is a call center. For our clients, Centrinex serves as a source of knowledgeable employees. Meaning our clients value our employees’ training and skills so highly that they see us as an extension of their HR department.

“We act as our clients’ ‘bull pen’ when or if they want to hire our people who already know their business very well. It gives our vetted, trained and top-performing employees an in with a corporate employer,” explains Bart Miller, Centrinex’s CEO and owner. “On the flip side, Centrinex has retained talented customer service reps from call centers we’ve acquired, many of which easily transition to manager roles.”

Kristina Vega, brand manager says, “A gas station cashier and retail jobs were what I had done before I became a customer service representative at Centrinex in 2012. Centrinex absorbed the loan processing company I worked for. It ended up being a great opportunity. It was clear that I would be able to move up at Centrinex from my entry level CSR position, even though I didn’t have a lot of schooling or job experience back then. I stay here because I went from CSR to brand manager, and there isn’t anyone on my management team that I don’t like or don’t respect.”

To See Where You’re Going, Look Where You’ve Been

Just like humans, companies mature over time. Of course, with time comes professionalism and expertise. Centrinex is a much different call center than it was in the past. We are more about promoting careers. Miller says, “With time comes experience. Even if we learn just one thing a day, that equals thousands of things we can use to constantly make Centrinex a phenomenal workplace for people focused on taking advantage of career opportunities. Former employees and applicants notice, and we’re always excited to welcome them back because they also bring their other experiences with them.”

Explore Career Opportunities at Centrinex

Whether you’re new to Centrinex or know our call center from the past, take a second look at our career opportunities. We’re the home of great pay and benefits, recognition for good work and the possibility to advance.

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