The Centrinex New-Hire Experience: 30 Days to a Well Paying, Satisfying Customer Service Career

The Centrinex New-Hire Experience: 30 Days to a Well Paying, Satisfying Customer Service Career

A Customer Service Job You’ll Love Starts Here

Every great job or career path has to start somewhere. A customer service role at Centrinex starts from day one with us. However, as with any rewarding choice in life, nothing happens overnight. Training and reaching goals for a promising career opportunity takes an investment of your time and trust.

Centrinex’s leadership and training team believe in mutual respect and growth. Pledge 30 days to us, and we’ll show you just how Centrinex stands out as a workplace that supports you in achieving your career and personal goals.

Three Qualities that Make Centrinex the Best Job for Customer Service Representatives

Among all the call centers in the nation, Centrinex is a leader for several reasons. Here are three qualities that set us apart:

    1. Solid management support: Our team isn’t just about numbers. It’s about individuals with aspirations, dreams and the potential to grow. We ensure you’re always supported, always heard. Bart Miller, Centrinex owner and CEO, explains, “We make sure our customer service representatives feel empowered and comfortable with talking to human resources when there is an issue during their 30-day preliminary period. What they learn is that Doug Steele, our People Solutions Director, listens and takes the feedback he gets from his employees in a positive way.”
    2. Clear career pathways: Our commitment to your growth is not just a promise. It’s an actionable goal. Whether you’re new in the customer service field or looking for a change from a restaurant or retail job, you can carve out a career path for your future with us.
    3. Strength in diversity: Our strength lies in our diversity. With close to 500 team members, each bringing their unique, personal experiences and knowledge from various sectors like retail or food service, Centrinex is a melting pot of ideas, cultures and dedication.

Your Next Career Step Starts with a Conversation

Interviews for customer service representative jobs are taken seriously at Centrinex. It’s not only our way of discovering more about you and your experience. It’s just as important to us to make sure our call center is right for you. On top of the normal interview-type questions, we also have discussions about dedication and curiosity.

Centrinex’s clients depend on our call center employees to handle their most important business aspect: customer service. We promise our clients that we will deliver exceptional customer experiences. We strive to meet our clients’ sales numbers or target goals. But, we can only do that thanks to our quality, consistent and reliable team. If that sounds like your kind of work environment, we should talk.

Don’t be shy. Ask us anything. Bring all your questions, and we’ll answer them openly and honestly. We love when applicants come to the interview prepared with questions. It signifies genuine interest and eagerness in aligning with our culture. And, we know curious-type people fit in well at Centrinex.

You Might Wonder, Why 30 Days?

This period is neither short enough that you miss out on the aspects of the job you’ll enjoy nor long enough to feel overwhelming. Here’s what to expect during this time period:

  • Holistic training: We don’t hurry through the onboarding and training process. With friendly trainers and supportive managers, we ensure you’re well-prepared to handle any situation on the call center floor. From product training to soft skills, we ensure you’re confident and help is always close by.
  • Empathy and recognition: All of our employees are unique. Whether you’re striving for a management role, trying to balance personal life with work, or finding a satisfying role post-retirement, we’re committed to being the right place for you. We love celebrating milestones, no matter how big or small.Miller says, “In essence, there’s no real way to get a full assessment of Centrinex, or any organization, without being here for 30-45 days. If you see something you don’t like and quit, it may have just been a fluke and may never happen again. On the flip side, after 30 days, you may find a number of positive things you actually love that you can only notice over time.”

More than Just a Paycheck

Centrinex employees enjoy more than just a paycheck. We offer a strong benefits package designed to support your personal and career goals.

  • Financial benefits: health insurance, competitive 401k matches, paid leaves, and holidays.
  • Investment in your growth and success: Centrinex’s leadership believes in continuous learning. Whether it’s a new software tool or a soft skill workshop, there’s always something new you can learn either on-site or on your own through higher education courses. Our tuition reimbursement program is proof of our belief in your potential.
  • Workplace perks: we weave fun into our work culture. With regular team lunches, spirit days and more, most every day has something to look forward to.

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Try Centrinex for 30 Days

The Centrinex experience is about a positive culture, co-workers who soon become friends and a leadership team that genuinely cares. Our focus on inclusivity ensures everyone feels at home, and our benefits are tailored to our employees’ different needs.

But as they say, good things take time. While we can talk about the many ways that Centrinex is a great workplace, the truth can only be seen when you’re here, seeing and experiencing it with your own eyes.

30 days – that’s what we ask. Interested in learning more or joining us, fill out an application right now.