Centrinex Ready to Shake, Rattle & Roll in 2016

Centrinex Ready to Shake, Rattle & Roll in 2016

According to Chinese astrology, 2015 is the year of the surefooted goat. Skilled, confident and nimble describe goats, and those also apply to Centrinex’s business approach over the year. 2015 was a time of significant changes for Centrinex, a call center headquartered in Lenexa, KS. Not only did we grow our workforce to nearly a thousand, but also we heavily invested in our infrastructure – a new location, a new training center, a new backup system with multiple redundancies for emergencies and an upgraded workforce management program.

All of this was done in order to lay the foundation for 2016, ironically, the year of the monkey, which is associated with being ingenious, sharp and alert. 2016 is the year to lead.

Chinese predictions for the year to come aside, from a business perspective, a strong infrastructure is required for a leadership position. The piece that ties our customer service representatives to all the hardware is our workforce management program, which is integrated with our phone system.

Integrating the two allows us to offer a much broader and larger service at a much lower cost with a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Shaking things up 24/7
It comes down to accurate forecasting for tomorrow, the short term and long term. We’re able to input historical data going back days or years ago to forecast call volume so we know exactly how many agents we’re going to staff at any particular time.

We can analyze call volume down to the day and hour. For example, based on historical data we can determine that 10 agents are needed at 11:00 am, but only seven at noon and staff accordingly.

The benefit is that we can ramp up or down according to your needs – you’re not paying for idol agents, and you’re not sacrificing your customers’ satisfaction by keeping them on hold due to limited agents available.

Upping the numbers doesn’t rattle us
The ability to forecast for the long term means we can hire the best qualified agents three months in advancing, providing plenty of training versus hiring a week ahead and making do.

With our network capability, Centrinex can go from 300 to 900 without a hitch. Hardware and software are in place and ready to roll, it’s what we did in 2015 and can do it again in 2016. While the number of customer service agents increases, call time decreases from over a minute to a few seconds. Agent productivity is up thanks to our upgraded workforce management program that allows customer service reps to multitask, handling web chats, emails and calls simultaneously.

Not just any monkey
Not just any monkey can do what our agents do everyday for clients across the federal government, financial services, seminar groups, inbound customer service sectors and more. Not just any monkey accurately forecasts call volume, has highly trained agents on staff at the right time, and integrates workforce management into our system for increased productivity and customer satisfaction and cost efficiencies.

Make 2016, the year of the monkey, the one take the lead. We can help. Give us a call.