Like Attracts Like: Centrinex Reimagines Call Center Representative Recruitment

Like Attracts Like: Centrinex Reimagines Call Center Representative Recruitment

If you want different results, you have to do things differently. Like so many companies today, Centrinex, a leading national call center, was expanding quicker than it could hire call center representatives. In the past, we’ve approached employee recruiting the same way other companies do, posting jobs on social media, offering monetary incentives to employees who refer candidates, holding open interviews, hosting job fairs… you know the drill.

However, when recruiting was affecting Centrinex’s ability to grow, Bart Miller, the call center’s chief executive officer and owner, knew he had to reimagine how his team handled call center representative recruiting. Rather than reinvent the wheel, Miller adopted a tried-and-true marketing approach: hiring a spokesperson to represent our company and sponsoring a sports team. But, Miller did it with a twist. Rather than the spokesperson supporting a product or service, this person would be a public-facing advocate for achieving career goals. The sports team sponsorship would put Centrinex’s name in front of dedicated fans who enjoy activities outside the mainstream of baseball and football.

“Like attracts like. Sure, our traditional recruiting methods were somewhat successful, even in this talent market when everyone is struggling to hire. But, if we wanted to recruit, hire and retain the best talent, why not invest in a spokesperson who embodies all the qualities we want most in an employee and our call center’s culture? Why not sponsor a sports team where the type of talent we want to hire attends games?” explains Miller.

Which Player and Sports Team Best Represent Centrinex’s Values and Culture?

Centrinex values drive and hard work. The call center’s culture centers around diversity and helping employees reach their goals.

In fall of 2021, AD Franch came to the Kansas City Current as goalkeeper—a sort of homecoming since Franch is from Salina, Kansas. As it so happened, news broke shortly after of the Kansas City Current women’s soccer team’s owners building the first soccer-specific stadium purpose built for a National Women’s Soccer League (NSWL) team at Berkley Riverfront Park.

Choosing AD Franch as Centrinex’s recruitment spokesperson and sponsoring the Kansas City Current was a clear direction.

“Franch’s drive, genuineness and confident spirit is aspired to and admired by so many people. She rises to the challenge in all aspects of life and her determination to do her best is seen all over the world. Franch embodies leadership and teamwork simultaneously, which aligns perfectly with our call center culture and the type of person who excels quickly at Centrinex,” says Miller.

Early Response to the Franch, Kansas City Current, Centrinex Partnership

A few weeks ago, Miller, a few members of his staff, Centrinex’s marketing agency and videographer, Franch, and her agent (and an appearance by Franch’s wife and daughter) spent a cloudy, windy day at the Kansas City Current’s practice field shooting video and stills for print, media, digital and streaming employment recruiting campaigns for Centrinex. The advertising campaign is close to final production and the call center has made a formal announcement of partnering with Franch and the Kansas City Current.

“Response to the news has been overwhelmingly positive on our clients’ parts and our employees are ecstatic. From clients, we’re hearing they’re glad to work with a company that ‘applies themselves’ (a tagline we’re using in the campaign) and how powerful it is. Our team is excited to be represented by such a dynamic figure as Franch,” says Miller.

Some campaign elements are already in progress on social media with much more to come as production is nearly complete.

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