Get Ready for the Premiere of “Centrinex Talk” and Transform Your Career

Get Ready for the Premiere of “Centrinex Talk” and Transform Your Career

As much of a self-starter as you may be… Even if you know exactly how to get where you’re going in your career… There are people who’ve been where you’ve been and got to where you want to go. There is no reason to go it alone when there is plenty to learn from those willing to share their experience.

That’s the idea behind the premiere of “Centrinex Talk.”

Centrinex is the nation’s leader in call center management for a variety of industries. We became the leader because we hire the best talent, value our call center representatives’ talent, reward their talent with excellent pay and benefits and have a culture that encourages growth, both personal and professional.

Our employees and leaders know better than anyone just how different the day in the life of a Centrinex team member is compared to other call center environments. But hearing is believing, so our “Centrinex Talk” web series features three roundtables with our managers, our senior managers and directors, and finally our executive directors, including Jim Christianson, CFO, Rudy Waldner, President and COO, and Bart Miller, Owner and CEO.

If you’re considering a call center job, the only way to get a sense of Centrinex’s company culture, management style and career opportunities is by listening to those who lead and manage our call center.

Don’t Know Where to Begin? Hit the Ground Running

Our managers will be discussing their management styles, using a Q&A format. You’ll hear firsthand about Centrinex’s culture, where they started, how they were promoted and how they work with their teams to ensure job satisfaction.

Setting Career Milestones and Reaching Them

Our senior managers and directors will be providing insights on Centrinex’s focus on supporting employees from initial training to moving up the management ladder. We promote from within and when an employee has his or her sights set on a management position, the structure is here to make that happen.

A History of Recognizing and Rewarding Great Talent

Our executive directors will be reminiscing on Centrinex’s history. It’s a compelling story told by the ones who lived it and have stayed hands on.

Add “Centrinex Talks” to Your “To Watch” List

We’re holding “Centrinex Talks” at The Golden Ox on November 5th. Shortly after, we’ll be posting them online. Make sure to add “Centrinex Talks” to your “To Watch” list. Even better? Explore our job openings and fill out an application.