Centrinex’s Fitbit Challenge Gets Managers Moving

Centrinex’s Fitbit Challenge Gets Managers Moving

What happens when you put Fitbits in the pockets of your managers and officers and challenge them to a competition to see who can walk the most steps each day and over a period of time?

On February 15, 2014, we decided to find out. What ensued was a lot of fun and a healthier group of managers and officers. Yes, even a little heated competition, but that’s to be expected when you hire people who don’t tolerate mediocrity from others, much less themselves.

The challenge began with a simple directive. Get as many steps in each day as you possibly can and hit a daily goal of 15,000. FitBit recommends 10,000. What can we say? We like aiming higher than the status quo.

Those that met this goal were awarded a $25 gift card. Running out of gift cards, we took the challenge up a notch. Lunch was on us for anyone who logged 5,000 steps before 9:00am.

Again, it was time to raise the stakes. Now that we had personal and competition goals set, those who beat their average by 25% was given a $100 Amazon gift card. As the stakes climbed higher, the competition got heated. How much hotter? Let’s just say $1000 cash was on the line. That kind of cash made the challengers take stock of exactly who was where on the leader board, and Patrick Mueller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, was at the top…by far…

Three challengers put Patrick squarely in their crosshairs and teamed up on him. The results are yet to be finalized, but a few things are for sure. The Centrinex FitBit Challenge sparks conversation, gets people moving, encourages camaraderie and getting outdoors (especially with the weather getting warmer).

Our FitBit Challenge ended on April 15, 2014. We will post the results of the competition next month. In the meantime, we encourage other contact centers to indulge in a little healthy competition too.