Centrinex’s New Office in the Firestone Building Epitomizes Everything Wonderful About Kansas City

Centrinex’s New Office in the Firestone Building Epitomizes Everything Wonderful About Kansas City

From the windows of Centrinex’s new fifth floor office in the iconic Firestone Building, you can see all of downtown Kansas City. Turn away from the window, and you’ll see the “S” from the original Firestone sign on the wall. Each of the building’s floors has one of the letters installed as a reminder of the building’s history. It’s a creative space located in the hub of the eclectic and popular Crossroads Arts District. At night, the view is spectacular. During the day, it’s inspiration for our management team’s strategic planning sessions and where clients get a first-hand look at Centrinex’s services and capabilities.

“Our main location is located in the Kansas City suburbs. We started looking for space in the downtown area where we could showcase our first-class service for VIP clients. Downtown Kansas City has many historic buildings, and the Firestone Building gives our clients a real feel for all that Kansas City has to offer,” explains Bart Miller, Centrinex chief executive officer and owner.

The Firestone Building’s location is in the Crossroads, home to many art galleries, restaurants, shops and businesses, but it is also within blocks of the Kansas City Power & Light District, the largest new development project in the Midwest, and Crown Center, an established shopping and entertainment area, which is home to Hallmark Cards headquarters. Using the free streetcar system, visitors and employees have easy, convenient access to Kansas City from the River Market to Crown Center.

The building was built in 1915 for Firestone, the tire manufacturer, and it is now on listed on the National Register of Historic Places. According to history, when Harvey Firestone was asked why he chose Kansas City for the company’s largest structure to date, he replied, “Kansas City is going to be a great city. It has the location, the spirit, the enterprise, the transportation facilities and the great warehouse of resources on which to feed and grow.”

Firestone’s prediction for Kansas City became reality. “What Firestone saw in this area of Kansas City is the same reason we are drawn to do business here. They are essential to every business’s growth, and Centrinex is no different. We’re looking forward to hosting clients in our new office space, and impressing them with both the view and spirit, enterprise, and resources that make us a top tier call center solution,” says Miller.

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