Controlling Costs with Continuous Call Center Queue Management

Controlling Costs with Continuous Call Center Queue Management

Ensuring your contact center’s flexibility, value and ability to meet agreed upon service and call metrics is largely dependent on continuous queue management. When your outsourced call center correctly manages staffing versus call volume, your value from the relationship increases while costs are kept in check.

For example, a contact center should be monitoring the queue continuously so when the number of inbound calls rises or falls, customer service representatives can be quickly switched from inbound to outbound call service or vice versa. Without constant queue monitoring, the value of outsourcing to a contact center quickly plummets as outsourced staffing costs rise if overstaffed. Not to mention, your customer satisfaction rates could tumble if understaffed.

Centrinex, based in Lenexa, Kansas, increases our value to clients and keeps their costs down by carefully scheduling our customer service representatives, on a daily basis and even right down to the half hour. It’s time intensive work to monitor call volume this closely, but it is the only way to staff our call center based on real data, not estimates.

Regardless of call volume – inbound and outbound – our clients can rest assured that we are meeting our agreed upon contractual metrics and obligations, such as number of acceptable abandoned calls, hold times, etc.

Hourly queue monitoring and analysis allow us to better manage our customer service representative’s time, so our clients get more value from their outsourced call center expenditures. Whether in the midst of the busiest or the slowest time of year, real-time queue monitoring always delivers the same results: increased efficiency, fewer abandoned calls, shorter hold times and better value for your money. Ultimately, that gives our clients a competitive edge.

Since we opened our doors in 2005, we have been constantly seeking and implementing ways to increase value and control costs for our call center clients. Centrinex is the leader in outsourced call center solutions with systems and processes, like continual queue management, in place to bring our clients the best solutions available in the industry today.

To gain the most value from your outsourced call center and control costs, improve your call analytics with constant queue monitoring from Centrinex.