A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Customer Service Representative Training

A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Customer Service Representative Training

Bart Miller, Centrinex’s CEO, here… I’m taking over the blog this month to give you a behind the scenes look at our customer service representative training. At some point during each training session, I talk to our new group of customer service representatives, welcoming them to our call center. One question I field a lot has to do with why our call center training process goes so quickly. It’s a good question, so I’m giving you a behind the scenes look at our customer service representative (CSR) training and the method behind the “madness.”

Some of the training our new CSRs receive is based on Centrinex’s policies and procedures, but much of it covers our call center’s clients’ exact requirements. Meaning, depending on the calls you’ll be handling for which client determines what you learn. If you’re working for one of our healthcare clients, you’ll need to know different information than if you’re working with our financial clients.

Typically, our call center clients require CSRs to be onboarded quickly, which is why we train at the speed we do. How well our CSRs do their job is a direct reflection on OUR clients, so you are trained as if you work for them.

That being said…

The best training we can offer new CSRs is hands-on experience. Call center support boils down to customer service. People call with a question, a problem, an order, a return, an application, etc., and they expect their needs to be met. Given we’re working with humans, what those needs are can vary. Traditional training can only go so far. It’s being on the job, answering those calls and providing a solution that make CSRs better prepared for any and everything. Experience can’t be taught in a training room.

As a new CSR, you can expect to be on the floor, taking calls either on your first or fifth day, depending on the Centrinex client for whom you are working.

I get it. It can seem scary to think about being in charge of handling someone’s call who needs help. Trust me when I tell you it’s not. And, here’s why…

While you’re handing customer service for a Centrinex call center client, you are a Centrinex employee. Of course, you won’t learn everything you need to know during your initial training. But most importantly, we don’t expect you to. In fact, you’ll have associate supervisors and team leaders always nearby to support you. Everyone here understands you are learning and becoming an awesome CSR means learning on the fly. It’s simply human nature that your training cannot possibly cover every scenario CSRs encounter.

This leads us to the method behind our training “madness.”

Our clients are different. Their customers have different needs. You are unique. By getting you out of the training room and on the phones is how we know exactly how to customize your remaining training to your needs. Supervisors and team leaders work with you to improve in areas where you feel you need help, or they see ways to target additional training to improve both strengths and weaknesses.

Expecting perfection is madness.

Human beings are perfectly imperfect. Expecting perfection from any human is madness. Proficiency, not perfection, is what everyone from our leaders to our CSRs strive for. How long does becoming a proficient CSR take? Usually 30 to 45 days. And, we’re perfectly fine with that.

There are more than 400 people filling our customer service representative jobs. There are just as many reasons they choose to work at Centrinex. Whether you come from fast food, retail store jobs, or another Kansas City call center, want to quickly move from an entry-level job to a management career, or need flexibility as you raise kids, go to college or ease into retirement, you’ll have the training and support you need to get where you want to go.

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