When Does Call Center Outsourcing Make Sense and What are the Benefits?

When Does Call Center Outsourcing Make Sense and What are the Benefits?

This is the time when business planning for the next year is in full swing and outsourcing your call center should be part of the conversation. Business planning is an opportunity to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). A SWOT analysis is a planning process that helps leaders plot their course in guiding their companies to overcome challenges they face and determine how to best use their strengths to become or remain competitive.

Whether or not you use SWOT as part of your strategic planning, your company does have strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In each of these areas, outsourcing your call center can make sense and result in several benefits that play on your company’s strengths, mitigate weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities and overcome threats.

An Outsourced Call Center Lets You Focus on Your Strengths

Bart Miller, Centrinex’s CEO and owner, explains, “Providing a customer call center is not the primary business goal or a revenue generator for many of our clients. Rather it plays a support function, which siphons away critical resources from their core functions, making it harder for them to reach their business goals. Our clients find that outsourcing their call center takes the burden of managing one off their shoulders so they can focus on and reallocate resources to accomplishing more business-critical goals.”

Outsourcing is a common solution for filling in gaps where internal expertise lags (a weakness per se). Where call centers that function as a support role versus a revenue-driving one exist, outsourcing allows companies to allocate time and resources to profitable areas without negatively affecting the customer experience.

Outsourcing Your Call Center Means Never Missing an Actionable Insight

Outsourcing your call center operations still retains key data captured throughout your process, right down to individual calls (an opportunity). Your call center partner should share data with your team, analyzing it together to improve call processes and customer satisfaction.

Centrinex adopts your existing processes and works as an extension of your company. Our customer service representatives (CSRs) are trained on your business and learn the subtle nuances about your brand. From the initial set up to making any adjustments later, all the call data you want and need to see is readily available.

An Opportunity to Test Various Engagement Channels

Though the term “call” center is still the norm, customer service today is a multi-channel system, spreading across email, web chats, text and more. A call center, like Centrinex, can adopt yours or implement a multi-channel system best suited to your customers’ needs and your business. This saves you from a trial-and-error approach, giving your company an opportunity to outperform competitors in customer support.

The Ability to Focus on External Threats

When working with our clients to establish or expand their outsourced call centers, we take the burden of call center-associated tasks, such as payroll, human resources, staffing, training, quality assurance and maximizing productivity of the CSRs and the department as a whole, off their shoulders. This leaves more time and resources to tackle external threats. For the upcoming year, these serious threats include hiring, supply chain management, competitive pricing, warehousing and logistics, etc.

The Opportunity to Ease Your Hiring Pains

The labor shortage is holding many companies back from reaching their goals simply because they don’t have the staff in place to meet demand for their products or services.

Centrinex serves as a source of knowledgeable employees should you want to hire our staff. Miller says, “We can serve as your ‘bull pen’ when or if you want to hire our people who already know your business very well.” Using us as your employee pipeline eases hiring pains since you have a source of vetted, trained and top-performing recruits.

Does Call Center Outsourcing Make Sense for Your Company?

Outsourcing your call center allows you to focus your internal resources on enhancing your strengths, overcoming weaknesses, realizing opportunities and conquering threats. This is true for most every company, but especially so for those with call centers that play a supportive role in the business.

Centrinex is the nation’s leader in call center management for banks, financial services and other industries, such as healthcare, transportation companies and government agencies. We improve bottom-line performance with industry-leading knowledge and talent, all the while taking the burden of call center management off your shoulders, which comes with so many benefits.

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