Explosive Growth to Take Centrinex from 300 to 1000 CSRs

Explosive Growth to Take Centrinex from 300 to 1000 CSRs

Our Lenexa, KS based contact center employed 300 customer service representatives in May 2015. Come June, we hired over 600 new employees. In August, we expect to be 1,000 strong, thanks to a new call center contract we secured recently.

Explosive growth at this rate and timeframe requires three things: more call center space, a significant investment in new technology and the ability to recruit and train at lightning speed.

Within the matter of a month, Centrinex expanded into another building and took occupancy of two floors of both our current and newest office buildings. We purchased furniture, phones, hardware and office equipment, installing them within a matter of days. Our personnel, who were relocating to the new location, moved over the course of a weekend. By Monday, the new contact center was fully operational.

Due to the contact center contract’s nature, our new location had to be as equally secure as a federal government building. Installing and implementing measures of this level of security was no easy feat, but was accomplished on time and to the client’s specifications.

Beyond security, a significant investment in technology was made. We invested heavily in scalable systems to the tune of a half million dollars. This network infrastructure features multiple safeguards and back up redundancies to ensure operations remain uninterrupted under any number of circumstances such as power, Internet and phone outages.

Recruiting, hiring and training hundreds of employees in such a short time span is challenging for any company, but especially in the call center environment. Rather than put service quality at risk by outsourcing to a staffing agency, we developed an in-house recruiting team well versed in Centrinex’s culture and CSR expectations. Our turnover rate is one of the lowest in the industry because we take great care in screening, training and supporting our CSRs.

Our ability to double in size from 300 to 900 employees in just four weeks is impressive. But what is more remarkable is that we proactively approached this explosive growth, rather than being reactive. Our team, infrastructure and operations were carefully selected to scale quick and easy in the future, meaning we can ramp up to 2,000 as easily as we can 1,000 CSRs. For companies and organizations that have an immediate need to outsource or supplement their call centers, speed, quality and service are what set Centrinex apart from other options.