FitBit Challenge Update: Patrick Mueller “Walks” Away With Grand Prize

FitBit Challenge Update: Patrick Mueller “Walks” Away With Grand Prize

Last month we reported on our FitBit Challenge, posing the question: What happens when you put FitBits in the pockets of your managers and officers and challenge them to a competition to see who can walk the most steps each day and over a period of time?

This month we have the results…

  • Twelve challengers walked a collective 11.3 million steps in 60 days
  • On average, the challengers walked 15,600 steps a day
  • Four people lost 20 pounds

And the $1000 grand prize winner is…

PATRICK MUELLER, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, with 2.8 million steps, an average of 47,000 steps a day!

Okay, we have to admit that Patrick won fair and square despite other challengers’ best (and sometimes less than gallant) efforts to knock him off his game. Even when we changed the rules and allowed a team of three to combine their daily totals to beat him, he prevailed.

1st place: Patrick Mueller

2nd place: Jay “JJ the Jet Plane” Thomas, Telecommunications Manager

3rd place: Bryan Drew, Account Manager

4th place: Teri Butler-Jones, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

5th place: Jean Cullum, Vice President of Operations (outside of Centrinex)

6th place: Bart Miller, CEO, Owner, Founder, Sore Loser

7th place: Rudy Waldner, Chief Operations Officer

8th place: Kelly Chiles, Account Manager

9th place: Jim Christiansen, President and Chief Financial Officer

10th place: Dean Giuffrida, IT Director

11th place: Cathy Evers, Director of Human Resources

12th place: Anna A., Executive Assistant (last name withheld to protect from embarrassment)

The challenge was a success. Weight was lost. Conversations started. Meetings held while walking. But at the end of the day (or 60-day challenge in this case), the results reflect Centrinex and the people who work here.

FitBit recommends 10,000 steps a day. We set and hit a daily goal of 15,000 steps. We’re not ones to settle for status quo.  But in the end, we exceeded even that goal. Doing the math, our total steps should’ve been 7.2 million steps. We logged 11.3 million. If our team can do that, just imagine the lengths we go to in order to meet our contact center customers’ goals. Hmm…makes you think, doesn’t it?