2014: The Year of Getting Fit, Healthy Competition, Political Awareness and Giving Back

2014: The Year of Getting Fit, Healthy Competition, Political Awareness and Giving Back

Company culture is the lifeblood of any organization. It sets expectations and it affects the overall productivity of employees. Company culture is established at the top and trickles down. And while nurturing a strong, positive culture is key to the long-term growth and viability of any business, never is it so important than when applied to a contact center environment.

Here at Centrinex, a contact center located in Lenexa, Kansas, we strive to build and sustain a well-rounded company culture. To that end, Bart Miller, our CEO and owner, promised to focus on four objectives in 2014:

  1. Promote physical fitness
  2. Offer “challenging” and competitive opportunities
  3. Support political awareness
  4. Give back (working on it, more to come next month)

We can check one and two off the list thanks to our FitBit Competition and Corporate Challenge participation.

Number three was checked off in November when we invited three politicians running in the 2014 election to visit Centrinex and speak to our staff, sharing their political platforms and visions for the future.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, a democrat from Missouri, spoke to our team on November 3. Senator Pat Roberts joined us on October 21, answering questions on topics ranging from the Senator’s voting record, handguns in schools and food protection to the estate tax.  The prior week, Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder joined our staff to speak about where he stands on health care, tax reform and other relevant issues. Congressman Yoder couldn’t resist banging the gong in Miller’s office.

We’re not suggesting our staff had anything to do with the end results, but it should be noted that all three who visited our call center headquarters won their election races. Maybe Centrinex is good luck.

Regardless of who our individual employees cast their ballots for, we can say they were more informed voters. By inviting the politicians in to discuss their views, our team was able to raise their political awareness.

Last, but certainly not least, on our 2014 goal list is giving back. We have something special planned for December. More on that next month…