High School Graduate Jobs in the Kansas City Area

High School Graduate Jobs in the Kansas City Area

High school graduates find well-paying career and management promotions at Centrinex call center

What are you doing after graduation? If you’re graduating from high school this spring, you probably get asked that question a lot, and maybe, you’re even asking yourself that same question.

Centrinex’s owner and CEO, Bart Miller’s twins will be 2022 high school graduates. Maybe that’s why he sees qualities in recent high school graduates that other CEOs don’t. “High paying jobs that can quickly lead to management positions aren’t just for people with college degrees. If you get hired at the right place early in life, you can definitely have a career where you work your way up.”

Centrinex call center employs many high school graduates and people who earned their GEDs, as well as those who work part-time while going to college. Compared to retail and restaurant jobs, applying to Centrinex to start as a customer service representative is a no-brainer. Not just because of the higher-than-average hourly pay, but also the set schedule, tuition reimbursement and long list of benefits that few retail, restaurant or other entry-level jobs offer.

Gary Lee is a brand manager who started as a part-time customer service representative. He explains, “After two interviews, I just felt good about our company’s reputation and it could be a fit for me. Turns out I was right. Good people here, from the CSRs to the CEO. Centrinex cares about personal and professional development. We learn skills that apply to both work and everyday life. You have a lot of freedom to be who you are and a lot of opportunities for growth. If you have communication and people skills, you thrive here—it’s a place to build skills in a career, not just get a job.”

What Makes Centrinex a Great Place for Starting a Career Out of High School?

We offer so many ways to build your career skills and advance to management positions. All of Centrinex’s brand managers and department supervisors started as full- or part-time customer service representatives. Let’s face it. Nobody likes managers who’ve never walked in their shoes. We ask about your goals straight up during the interview. If you want to be on track for a management position, we’ll do everything possible to support that.

Kristina Vega, a brand manager, explains, “A gas station cashier and retail jobs were what I had done before I became a customer service representative at Centrinex in 2012. Even though I didn’t have a lot of schooling or job experience back then, it was clear that I would be able to move up at Centrinex from my entry level CSR position. At the end of the day, we are a call center. If you enjoy dealing with people, are flexible, can go with the flow, have a sense of humor and patience, you can succeed here.”


It’s nice to work normal business hours. A lot of entry-level jobs require working nights, weekends and holidays, plus have schedules that change weekly. Whether you’re going to school or just have a life, Centrinex gives you a set schedule.

Our clients count on us to be their call center and determine the days and times they want our service reps available to their customers. Some want 24/7 customer service support while others follow the traditional Monday through Friday business hours only schedule. That means we have job positions open for day, night and weekend shifts.

We value “people skills,” not college algebra grades. Our customer service representatives handle inbound and outbound calls for our clients in banking, financial services and other industries, such as healthcare, transportation and government. You’ll be interacting with and helping people who want to talk to you. They’re relying on your knowledge and see you as an expert. Exceptional customer service is key and your “people skills” are valued.

What’s the difference between inbound and outbound calls?
Inbound calls are when people call our customers (for example a bank or an insurance company) because they need help or information on their accounts. Outbound calls are when our call center representatives call a customer to provide help or information that the customer has requested (for example through an online form).

You’re “adulting” and should be paid and receive benefits like one. Our executives know if we want to attract talented employees then we should expect to pay them and offer benefits as such. Centrinex offers health (and dental) insurance, 401k matching, tuition reimbursement, paid holidays and time off and more. View all of our benefits.

We also believe in working hard and playing hard. As a team, we celebrate victories with employee recognition, host holiday meals and treats, have spirit weeks, attend sporting events and more.

Ready to Start a Career After High School? Now’s the Time to Apply at Centrinex

More than 500 people work at Centrinex as customer service representatives. Many are recent high school graduates or started right after they graduated. Some chose us because they want a clear path to a management-level career without going to college or want to gain serious job skills while earning their degree. (You read about our tuition reimbursement, right?)

Explore job openings at our call center today.