Hiring Temps Versus Recruiting

Hiring Temps Versus Recruiting

Weighing in on the Great Staffing Debate: Hiring Temps vs. Recruiting

First, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room, shall we? The contact center industry is a transient one in which customer service representatives (CSRs) move from one center to the next in search of better pay and hours. That being said, Centrinex is fortunate to have a remarkably low turnover rate thanks to our motivating managers, opportunities for advancement, training, pay and fun work environment.

Even so, filling our CSR seats isn’t always without struggle. We too face finding the right people to add to our team. More times than not, we turn to those we trust for referrals – our best CSRs. They know people who know people who are like-minded. We’ve found that recruiting our new employees from our best current employees lets us hire people specific to our and our customers’ needs. They come highly recommended from those within the company that we trust.

It might be easier to put the burden of hiring on a temporary employment agency. But our goals don’t always match with an agency’s. Centrinex has a unique culture that we work hard to maintain. It’s a matter of pride with us. And though there is no shortage of folks looking for work and finding it via temp agencies, those agencies also have their own agenda to follow. They want to find their people work, whereas we want to put the right people in the right positions where they’re most likely to succeed, which ultimately trickles down to improved performance and a better customer experience.

Finding the right people for CSR positions is in fact a full-time job in and of itself. Recently, we hired an in-house recruiter to do just that. Our recruiter has a number of years in this line of work and a knack for attracting the most qualified people to our contact center.

That’s not to say that hiring is the best option for all scenarios. There will be and have been times when hiring temporary CSRs via an agency was the right call to make, so to speak. We invest a lot of resources into recruiting, hiring and training our CSRs, and sometimes we simply don’t have the luxury of time. For example, you have a few days to establish a team of dozens or take on a short-term project lasting 60 to 90 days. In these cases or similar, hiring temps can ramp up staff quickly and efficiently.

We make hiring decisions based on our and our customers’ needs. Sometimes that means hiring temps, but it’s more common for us to look internally for CSRs, and even management positions for that matter. People know a good thing when they see one, and are eager to share it with those they feel worthy. There is not always time or circumstances to recruit full-time CSRs. However, our retention rate proves recruiting is certainly the way to go whenever possible.