How Hiring the Right Call Center Staff Can Enhance Customer Service

How Hiring the Right Call Center Staff Can Enhance Customer Service

Your call center is an extension of your business. How your call center’s customer service representatives (CSRs) conduct themselves reflects directly on the company. The right call center staff can elevate an online lender’s reputation in the industry, increase your profits and improve customer retention.

On the flip side, customer service reps also have the ability to undermine your hard-earned leads. They can damage your company’s perception in the public eye. And even worse, they can get an online lender into hot water with federal and state regulators if they fail to follow scripts and processes.

Speaking of reputation, call centers are constantly battling attrition and struggling to find CSRs who deliver outstanding performance. No one knows better than Centrinex that good call center employees are hard to find. But the extra effort involved in seeking out call center super stars is well worth the time and effort considering what’s at stake.

Hiring the right call center staff enhances customer service. That’s a given. But how do you tell between right and wrong? It’s not always easy. It requires assessing call center customer service applicants on many levels.

Most customer service job seekers aren’t going to admit during the interview that they’re lazy or unwilling to follow directions. People put their best foot forward in interviews. To hire the right CSR, one must dig deeper. To enhance customer service, the CSR has to exhibit personal morals and ethics. These aren’t checked at the door. Strong morals and work ethics translate from personal life to the call center environment. Even aspects like credit scores help paint a picture of a potential CSR. If he or she takes responsibilities in their personal life seriously, there’s a better chance that’ll spill over to his or her work.

Successful call center customer service reps are able to build a rapport with clients. Online lenders often serve those who are seeking short-term financial solutions. Money is an emotional issue. The loan applicant could be facing a medical or emergency issue. The right call center customer service rep will pick up on signs of distress and respond empathetically. Empathy cannot be overrated in call centers. A CSR must really want to help. And online lending customers will pick up on this. It can mean the difference between retaining and losing a loan.

Everyone wants and needs to feel valued. That goes for customers as well as CSRs. When CSRs feel valued, they are more likely to stay on the job. Keeping great call center customer service reps is more important than hiring them. Enhancing customer service takes continual training, acknowledging successes and effective retraining when necessary. A positive environment promotes positive results.

A winning call center team doesn’t form over night. Developing the hiring process is an exercise in trial and error that is fine-tuned along the way. Centrinex is well underway and ahead of the game in our hiring practices. We’ve invested heavily in psychological evaluations and put customer service applicants through a battery of interviews and training that are proven in our call center model. Sure, there’s a significant time investment upfront, but our online lending clients expect this. It’s what our reputation is built on, and we’re not about to risk it by throwing warm bodies in call center chairs.