Longevity of Management Is A Competitive Advantage For Top Call Centers

Longevity of Management Is A Competitive Advantage For Top Call Centers

Centrinex’s Longevity of Management Means Competitive Advantage For Call Center Clients

Centrinex opened its doors in 2005. This length of time in the call center industry can bring a wealth of knowledge and information. This wisdom passes from our management on to the customer service representatives and spreads across our entire organization, defining our culture.  It’s powerful.

In fact, we still employ our first-ever hire who came on board with us eight years ago. And this isn’t an anomaly. On average, our managers have been with Centrinex for six years. It’s one of the reasons were the top call center management team in the Midwest.

An operations manager whom we hired in October of 2005 is still with our call center team today also. A floor operations manager is celebrating a 5th anniversary. Our IT, account, HR, finance and operations managers have all been with Centrinex for five or more years.

Longevity of management builds a rapport among the group, which allows customer service representatives to work in a positive environment where learning and growth are nurtured (and expected and celebrated).

Our call center management team is well balanced with different, yet equal skill sets. We place managers in positions based on their strengths, allowing them to thrive.

High manager retention rates allow us to retain a knowledge base and build on that rather than constantly starting over with the next person. This creates stability and consistency within our call center.

A strong and wise management team isn’t just good for Centrinex; it’s great for our clients—new and old. Our call center management’s longevity puts new customers immediately at ease. Call center processes aren’t anything new to us. We’ve done them hundreds of thousands of times before (really). We can advise on issues we see coming down the pike before based on experience, and head them off before they become big problems. We’re open to new approaches, while able to identify obvious and not so obvious pitfalls, which saves our customers quite a bit of money in terms of errors and mistakes.

When you have longevity in your management team like we do, you have people who speak the language, understand the business and know the industry players like lead providers and underwriters. That’s a lot of wisdom and resources to offer in one place.