Look No Further for the Best Job for Former Servers

Look No Further for the Best Job for Former Servers

Former ServerPast restaurant employees use their skills at Centrinex call center and reap the “benefits”

If you’re a restaurant server or fast food employee looking for a better job, better benefits, better pay and more opportunities, think about applying for a call center job at Centrinex. Coming from the restaurant industry, you already have valuable skills that will help you succeed in our call center environment. Plus, you still get to enjoy all the things you love about working as a server or fast food employee without any of the downsides.

Here are a few reasons why you’ll love working at Centrinex as a call center representative:

Your call center job and paycheck are secure.

Since March, Kansas City restaurant jobs have been shaky at best. For months, many restaurants hobbled along offering take out and/or delivery, some closed temporarily and some shut their doors for good. When allowed to reopen, seating capacity is limited and serving customers isn’t what it once was. Restaurant employees have been left without jobs or with smaller paychecks, which takes a toll on mental health.

So, why consider applying at a call center?

Centrinex stayed ahead of the curve while everyone was focusing on flattening the curve. Some of our employees began working from home, but they were always working and knew their paychecks were secure. Bart Miller, Centrinex CEO says, “We’re open. We’re going to stay open.”


Your hours and schedule are consistent, so you can have a life.

Whether you’re trying to have a social life or find childcare, nothing is more frustrating than never knowing your work shifts from one week to the next. Being called in to cover for others and waiting until the schedule is posted makes it impossible to make plans with friends or find a dependable babysitter willing to work around your changing schedule.

How is that different working at Centrinex?

Our customers have set days and times that they want our call service reps available. Some need 24/7 customer service support and others need the traditional Monday through Friday. That means we have positions open for day, night and weekend shifts. Our employees’ schedules are set, so you’ll always know what days and times you’re working. Now, you can go ahead and buy those concert tickets or find childcare on a set schedule.

Our customers really appreciate your “people skills.”

Centrinex’s customer service representatives are interacting constantly with people—communicating, making connections and having meaningful conversations. That’s exactly why our customers choose Centrinex over offshore call centers.

So, why apply at Centrinex?

This isn’t your typical call center job. Our teams handle inbound and outbound calls for our customers in banking, financial services and other industries, such as healthcare, transportation and government.

Inbound calls are when people call our customers (say a bank or an insurance company) because they need help or information with their accounts.

Outbound calls are when our call center representatives call a customer to provide help or information that the customer has requested (say through a form online).

As a Centrinex employee, you won’t be randomly calling people trying to sell them things that they don’t want. What you will be doing is providing important information that they’ve already requested, answering their questions, delivering top-notch customer service and being helpful. In other words, the customers you’re talking to ACTUALLY WANT TO TALK TO YOU.

You’re never left to fend for yourself and always have support nearby.

Working alone or with a skeleton crew isn’t fun, especially if you’re the type who enjoys teamwork and having support. However, this is how many restaurants and fast food establishments are operating.

How is Centrinex different?

From your first training session through being on the call center floor, the Centrinex team is always right there with you. During training, you’re learning and working with others, plus some of our trainers started out in the same position you’ll be filling. Once you’re working as a call center representative, your supervisor is always available to answer your questions and offer support.


Take your career as far as you want with lots of opportunities for advancement.

We’ve all had jobs where you feel stuck in a certain position. Working in the restaurant or fast food industry, there just aren’t a whole lot of options for advancement.

Promotions are a big deal at Centrinex.

Camryn, a call center employee, explains, “I love working at Centrinex because it is an amazing place to grow. As long as you work your hardest and let your goals be known, Centrinex will work with you to get you where you want to be. Also, the work family is welcoming and helpful!”

Our leadership team believes in rewarding hard work, and we promote 100% from within. In fact, our supervisors discuss goals with their teams and mentor our employees to help them reach their goals. We understand that some employees are perfectly happy in their current roles, and that’s great, too. The point is that we support you in your personal and professional growth.

Enjoy financial, fringe and fun benefits (and free meals occasionally).

Who doesn’t love free or reduced-price meals? But who wouldn’t gladly give up a free meal for health (and dental) insurance, 401k matching, tuition reimbursement, paid holidays and time off and more?

Rather than telling you how great our call center employee benefits are, take a look at the long list. Even though you won’t enjoy a meal on the house every shift, we definitely have been known to throw a killer pot luck or a surprise catered meal.

Experience a much, much nicer working environment.

At Centrinex, you never have the disappointment of a horrible tip even though you’ve done your job. And, when you go above and beyond, your hard work is recognized.


Tired of working in the food industry? Join us!

More than 500 people work at Centrinex as customer service representatives. Some come from fast food or retail store jobs, some come from other Kansas City call centers, some want to quickly move from entry-level jobs to management careers, and others need flexibility as they raise kids, go to college or ease into retirement.

If you’re ready to work at a company where your skills are valued, join us. Explore job openings in our call center today.