Meet David LaBatt

Meet David LaBatt

Meet David LaBatt, Centrinex’s New Senior Vice President and All Around Smart Guy

Centrinex is thrilled to introduce our new senior vice president, David LaBatt. Under the leadership of our CEO, Bart Miller, David will work with his team(s) to prepare and conduct process improvements. He will develop and prepare materials for the teams’ use, coordinate internal and external events, coordinate with department management and lead instruction on the use of process improvement tools. As if that wasn’t enough to put on his plate, also David will help facilitate team decisions, manage teamwork and assist in developing new client implementation/action plans and improved client follow-up.

David LaBatt, what a hunk!David was drawn to Centrinex because he believes this is one of the best companies in the contact center industry. We believe in empowering our people, which inspires them to do great things and ultimately means our clients receive a great experience. This is a place where everyone from management to customer service representatives (CSRs) can make a difference every single day.

“It is an incredible honor for me to help lead and serve Centrinex moving forward. Its management team has taken the company from an idea to one of the best and most admired contact centers in the country,” explains David.

While we have achieved a measure of success over the years, there is still much more to do with lots of room to grow. Our industry does not thrive on tradition alone — it runs on innovation. As technology evolves, Centrinex is constantly positioned to evolve with it. This is how we ensure that our company remains successful in a customer-centric and cloud-first world.

Who is David LaBatt?

David brings over two decades of industry experience to the company. He and his wife have two daughters, which has shaped much of what he does and thinks. Fundamentally, David believes that if you are not learning new things, you become stagnant in thinking and action. So family and a curiosity for knowledge is the root of most everything that he does.

Why did he join a little ol’ company like ours?

David’s answer is simple and honest. He joined us for the same reasons as most people do. David enjoys earning his living by supporting clients via technology that ensures our CSRs have what they need to provide excellent service. David explains, “We have done it in the past. We’re doing it today, and we are the team that will lead the industry in the future.”

He continues, “As we look forward, we must zero in on what Centrinex and its brands can uniquely contribute to our clients, always adding value. The opportunity ahead will require us to reimagine a lot of what we have done in the past.”This doesn’t mean doing more things, but rather focusing on the ones that allow our CSRs to do more for our clients.

The fact that we’re in the financial call center industry was attractive to David. “Usually, the financial sector is the last one contact centers want to operate in because it is tough and heavily regulated. There is a high skill set involved. It’s like we’re working backwards by moving into other areas and industries. If we can succeed in finance, we can excel in anything,” says David.

Where does David see our company in the future?

David paraphrases an Oscar Wilde quote. “We need to believe in the impossible and remove the improbable.” Meaning we’ll be busy imagining the impossible and delivering it. Every service we offer brings more innovation to our clients and their customers, which is why we exist.

Most companies aspire to improve. But few have the essential elements to do it: talent, resources and perseverance. And as the new senior vice president, David has a great foundation from which to begin the work ahead of him.