Meet David

I’m David (age 45), and I’ve been a Call Center Representative for Centrinex for about eight months. I love working here – everyone is so friendly and helpful. It’s a real team atmosphere.

I’m currently going to night school to get my MBA in Business, with a focus in telecommunications. This job helps offset my education expenses. My work schedule – 7am-3:30pm – gives me some time to study or exercise in the afternoons before heading to class in the evenings. It’s interesting to be able to apply what I learn in the classroom to my work at Centrinex. I get hands-on experience with telecom equipment and technology in a business setting.

Thanks to my previous education, I’m bilingual in Spanish, which has really helped on some calls I’ve made. Speaking to people in Spanish helps keep my language skills fresh. It’s amazing how quickly they can fade from memory when you don’t use them.

I’ll admit – not all the calls are easy. The people on the other end of the phone can be cranky, or frustrated, or maybe just tired. I get that. I use those calls as opportunities to practice my diplomacy and negotiation skills, which I will be able to use in a variety of business situations in the future.

Cranky calls aside, I really like the people I work with. We’re a diverse group, all ages and backgrounds, and just about every type of personality. We trade jokes in between calls or in the break room and that helps make the day go a little bit faster. Even though lunch is fairly short, it’s nice to know there will be someone to sit and chat with.

As a grad student, I understand about “tight” finances. Working at Centrinex puts me in contact with people who are in the same situation. I like being able to offer them some options to get through those tight spots, and educating them about short-term loan resources they might not have known were available. Providing a light at the end of the tunnel is a bonus beyond the paycheck for me.

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