Meet Virginia

My name is Virginia (age 73), and I’ve been working part-time at Centrinex for a year.

After I retired from my career in banking, I started working here for a little extra money, just in the evenings and on weekends. I like putting my education and financial background to good use, even though I’m retired. It helps keep my mind sharp. Numbers have always come very easily to me, and I’m pretty patient when explaining things. So when people have questions about different loan options available to them, it’s easy for me to help them out. Many people on my team don’t have a financial background, though, and they do just fine too.

I’m also rather self-reliant. Once we finished the one-week training period, I felt confident about taking calls on my own. My supervisor agreed I had a good handle on the information, and I started taking calls the next week. I like being able to help people without having to wave someone down to make sure my answers are correct; it makes me feel good to provide the right answers quickly. If there’s something I don’t happen to know, the supervisors and team leads are right there to provide backup.

Once I started working here, I realized how much I had missed being with other people after I retired. I’m a friendly person, and have always loved talking with people, so the days can be kind of long when you don’t have a job to report to every day. While I love the extra time to read and garden now that I’m retired, I love working and interacting with other people, too. Some of the calls can be quite a hoot!

Coming to Centrinex for those few hours to talk to people hardly seems like work for me. It’s the perfect kind of job for someone who’s looking for a little “mad money” and some conversation.

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