Moving from Retail to Office Work? Here’s One of the Best Jobs for Former Retail Workers

Moving from Retail to Office Work? Here’s One of the Best Jobs for Former Retail Workers

Former retail workers find career opportunities and management paths at Centrinex call center

The service sector is experiencing a large percentage of retail workers leaving their jobs. The reasons range from pandemic-related family obligations and burn out associated with working conditions to wanting to take advantage of opportunities in other fields. One of the best ways to move out of retail to office work is transferring your customer service skills to a call center, like Centrinex.

Your most valuable skills are better suited to a call center job than you might think. In a retail position, you’re expected to be somewhat of a store and/or product expert, helping customers find and choose what they need. And, of course, your level of “people skills” is key because working with the general public can be demanding. If you’re like a lot of Centrinex’s call center representatives, then you enjoy being an expert on something and helping people, but not so much the other tasks associated with retail jobs, such as stocking, inventory, working holidays and nights, etc.

Centrinex call center’s customer service representative positions offer the best of both worlds for former retail workers looking to put their skills to use while improving their career opportunities. Are you ready to move from retail to office work? Here are some reasons to consider applying with Centrinex.

Centrinex promotes 100% from within.

In retail, it’s common practice for store managers to be transferred from one location to another. For retail staff, this practice makes it all the more difficult to advance and leaves you feeling stuck. Centrinex’s brand managers and department supervisors once started as customer service representatives. Early on in your employment with us, we’ll discuss your goals. If you want to be on track for a management position, we’ll do everything possible to support you.

Kristina Vega, a brand manager, explains, “A gas station cashier and retail jobs were what I had done before I became a customer service representative at Centrinex in 2012. It was clear that I would be able to move up at Centrinex from my entry level CSR position, even though I didn’t have a lot of schooling or job experience back then. I stay here because I went from CSR to brand manager, and there isn’t anyone on my management team that I don’t like or don’t respect. There is a lot of opportunity here if you want to grab it. At the end of the day, we are a call center. If you enjoy dealing with people, are flexible, can go with the flow, have a sense of humor and patience, you can succeed here.”


Work normal “office hours.”

Centrinex’s leaders understand there is life outside of work. Whether you’re balancing family and social life or finding childcare, it’s frustrating trying to plan around a schedule that changes week to week.

Our call center clients determine set days and times that they want our call service reps available for their customers. Some want 24/7 customer service support while others follow the traditional Monday through Friday, normal office hours schedule. That means we have job positions open for day, night and weekend shifts. As a customer service rep, you’ll have a set schedule, so you’ll know what days and times you’re working.

Put your “people skills” to work where they’re valued.

This isn’t your typical call center job. Our customer service representatives handle inbound and outbound calls for our customers in banking, financial services and other industries, such as healthcare, transportation and government.

Inbound calls are when people call our customers (for example a bank or an insurance company) because they need help or information on their accounts. Outbound calls are when our call center representatives call a customer to provide help or information that the customer has requested (for example through an online form).

Either way, you’ll be interacting with and helping people who want to talk to you. They’re relying on your knowledge and see you as an expert. Exceptional customer service is key and your “people skills” are valued.

Protect your health.

Working in a traditional retail environment exposes you to the general public and can increase your risk of catching a bug or virus. Centrinex put policies and procedures in place within days of when businesses went on lockdown during the pandemic. Whatever happens next, our call center offices are already set up for safety.


Receive excellent financial and fringe benefits.

Employers who want to attract professionals should expect to compensate them as such. Centrinex offers health (and dental) insurance, 401k matching, tuition reimbursement, paid holidays and time off and more. View all of our benefits.

We also believe in working hard and playing hard. As a team, we celebrate victories with employee recognition, host holiday meals and treats, hold spirit weeks, sporting events and more.

Tired of working in retail? Apply at Centrinex Call Center!

More than 500 people work at Centrinex as customer service representatives. Some come from retail store jobs, others come from other Kansas City call centers, and some want a clear path to a management-level job even though they don’t have a college degree.

If you’re ready to move from retail to office work, join us. Explore job openings at our call center today.