Multimedia Boosting Call Center Agent Productivity

Multimedia Boosting Call Center Agent Productivity

We didn’t start off with nearly 1,000 customer service representatives. We didn’t open with three locations. Like many companies, we were a startup in 2005. You could count the number of employees we had on two hands. That goes for our number of clients back then too.

Fast-forward a decade, and today Centrinex is one of, if not the leading contact center in the U.S. We’ve navigated a recession and managed growth along the way. As the Beatles song goes, “We get by with a little help from our friends.”

All businesses “get by” with the support of their vendors. When you’re a call center, one of your most important vendor relationships is with your phone service provider. For us, that’s Mitel.

What’s good for us is better for you
“Our growth involved hiring more customer service agents and adding additional phone lines, which required a system that could handle the increased load. Mitel was able to match us stage by stage as we grew and supported us in reaching the next level. Any time a company grows, you have to pause and make sure you have the people, equipment and technology in place to move forward. Historically, Mitel has provided the solutions we needed. Having them as a resource makes growing from 1,000 to two, three or four thousand is far easier,” explains Bart Miller, Centrinex founder and CEO.

It’s common for companies to showcase their customer success stories in case studies. When Mitel needed a testimonial of how they can improve agent productivity, they turned to us. Bart is featured in a video, describing the solutions we use to serve our customers across the federal government, financial services, seminar groups, and inbound customer service fields.
Our customers “get by” with our help
And by “get by” we really mean succeed and grow. In the contact center environment, having highly trained and skilled customer service representatives is critical to your business. But technology is what we rely on to ensure our reps can be more productive and interact with your customers – efficiently, quickly and via their preferred channels.

Working on a multimedia platform, our call centers have not only boosted productivity, but also increased customer satisfaction. With these features, our customer service representatives can handle multiple customer interactions at a time and resolve issues more quickly. These capabilities include:

  • Web chat
  • SMS
  • Social media
  • Email
  • And of course, phone

Calls that once logged 1 minute, 30 seconds are wrapped up in 10 to 15 seconds. Yet, customer satisfaction increases because we’re interacting with your customers in their preferred means of communication. Plus we can perform more work on your behalf in less time. It’s truly a win-win situation.

A chain reaction
Because we receive best-in-class technology solutions from vendors like Mitel, we are able to provide that same quality of service to our customers. In turn, with our call center solutions, you have the resource you need to offer the best contact center service. Your customers are satisfied and spurs growth to the point your success is case study worthy. It’s a positive chain reaction and how business should be.