Meet Centrinex’s New Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence System: ODIS

Meet Centrinex’s New Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence System: ODIS

Call centers generate massive amounts of data—data that is too often funneled into programs and reports that rarely see the light of day. Which is unfortunate to say the least. Never before has the need to not only store that data, but also actually make productivity and profit changing been greater. A call center’s data is where the heart of the operation thrives… or flounders.

At Centrinex, we see this disconnect between data and intelligence as a catch-22. How do we store massive amounts of data in a way that allows our clients to easily fetch it and then use it to drive critical business decisions? Not only for the long run, but short term statistics that take a snapshot of the present to improve down the road?

Meet ODIS (Operational Data Intelligence System). ODIS is Centrinex’s state-of-the-art data warehouse and business intelligence system that provides call centers with real-time information for better decision-making, analytics that make sense, and fast reporting.  Up-to-date metrics. Quicker, smarter decisions. It seems so simple, yet ODIS is a pioneer in the call center industry.

It’s the call center that accesses and makes adjustments based on fact, not “maybes” that will increase productivity and customer satisfaction. With ODIS, key performance indicators (KPIs) can be monitored accurately and consistently empowering Centrinex to respond to changing needs quickly.

These KPIs include a time clock (when associates clock in and out), number of calls fielded during a shift, call length, number of loans closed and number of rings before pick up. The data clearly pinpoints trends that can be examined to keep revenues on track and proactively address productivity downturns before they turn critical.

Data isn’t something that should be glanced over daily, weekly or quarterly. Data, presented logically and used to improve productivity and protocols, has the power to transform business. In an industry that currently lacks a system that stores data for intelligent decision-making, ODIS is just what is going to separate the okay call centers from the phenomenal ones. It’s another example of how Centrinex is continually developing solutions to help our clients make better decisions based on data, and we’ve made it as easy as playing catch with man’s best friend. Go fetch, ODIS!