Who: Short-term lending thought leaders, investors and innovators When: October 15-17, 2014 Where: Sheraton New Orleans Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) is hosting its annual Leadership + Innovation Conference in New Orleans, October 15-17. It’s considered the premiere event for information sharing and collaboration for online lending professionals, like Centrinex, drawing hundreds of decision makers from around the country.

Weighing in on the Great Staffing Debate: Hiring Temps vs. Recruiting

First, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room, shall we? The contact center industry is a transient one in which customer service representatives (CSRs) move from one center to the next in search of better pay and hours. That being said, Centrinex is fortunate to have a remarkably low turnover rate thanks to our motivating managers, opportunities for advancement, training, pay and fun work environment.

Meet David LaBatt, Centrinex’s New Senior Vice President and All Around Smart Guy

Centrinex is thrilled to introduce our new senior vice president, David LaBatt. Under the leadership of our CEO, Bart Miller, David will work with his team(s) to prepare and conduct process improvements. He will develop and prepare materials for the teams’ use, coordinate internal and external events, coordinate with department management and lead instruction on the use of process improvement tools. As if that wasn’t enough to put on his plate, also David will help facilitate team decisions, manage teamwork and assist in developing new client implementation/action plans and improved client follow-up.

When your contact center lives and dies by the phone, you better make sure you have a back up system. And a back up for the back up. You should be able to transport that phone system anywhere in the world and offer your contact center customers access. Which is why when it comes to Centrinex’s phone system, we don’t believe there is such a thing as too redundant or transparent.

Online lending call centers can run into trouble when borrowers feel disconnected from a knowledgeable customer service representative (CSR) who can answer their questions in real time. Rather than risk losing an opportunity to make contact with potential borrowers, Centrinex uses live chat, in addition to phone calls and emails. As it’s proven time and time again, live chat is yet another way our contact center CSRs conveniently answer your customers’ most common questions. Not to mention increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Native American Tribes and Offshore Lenders Question Legality in Court

Criminal and civil laws in New York, as well as in 14 other states and the District of Columbia, prohibit payday lending. Under New York law, it is civil usury for non-bank lenders like payday lenders to make loans under $250,000 with an interest rate exceeding 16% per annum. Also, it is criminal usury to make a loan in New York with an interest rate exceeding 25% per annum.

When you employ a staff of hundreds, you learn a thing or two about letting employees go. Whether the termination is based on circumstances beyond the employee’s control like downsizing or reorganization or poor performance, letting someone go is tough—on both sides.