Gu Gu, Lu Lu and a Certified Nursing Assistant Welcome Employees Back to Work

Gu Gu, Lu Lu and a Certified Nursing Assistant Welcome Employees Back to Work

As employees trickle back in to work on-site at our call center, they’re noticing that much more has changed beyond wearing face masks, keeping safe distances, limited non-employee access, and an abundance hand sanitizer. To even further assure our employees that we’re doing all we can to protect their health, our executive management team invested in two body temperature cameras, created the Centrinex Health Clinic and hired a certified nursing assistant (CNA) to staff it.

Body Temperature Cameras Greet You at the Door

Our body temperature cameras have an interesting background. They were manufactured in and purchased from China. Originally, to make this new technology less scary for children who must stand still while their temperature is taken, they were designed to resemble panda bears. This is how we came to name them Gu Gu and Lu Lu.


These body temperature cameras have all the necessary protocols, safety measures and HIPAA privacy and compliance steps in place. Frankly, using them isn’t only helping our employees stay safe, it’s also just cool technology.

The cameras are installed at our call center’s entrance. Employees face Gu Gu or Lu Lu, giving the camera time to scan their temperature. Then, they head directly to their desk. But, a red light and beep indicate a higher than normal reading. Employees with a high temperature report to our CNA (more on her in a bit) for a second screening. If the second screening is high, then a core temperature is taken. Should that confirm the first two, the employee is sent home, so he or she can schedule recommended flu or COVID-19 testing and begin their treatment and recovery, if needed. Once symptom free for 72 hours, the employee can return to work.

Bart temperature

Centrinex is known to be an employee-centric call center, so it makes sense that we might have a few employees who’d ignore a high temperature in order work. Our management appreciates that level of dedication, but cannot risk getting others sick. Gu Gu and Lu Lu have HIPAA-compliant facial recognition technology. A high temperature reading sends an alert to authorized management. The employee can be quickly located, temperature rechecked and sent home to take care of him or herself.

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Centrinex’s Equivalent to the Nurse’s Office

Remember in school when you didn’t feel well and you went to the nurse’s office for help? Our call center representatives and staff now have access to our newly hired CNA. Office space is being dedicated for our Centrinex Health Clinic. Employees can visit the Health Clinic if they’re not feeling well, need an over-the-counter medication or a band aid and ask general questions about their health.

Our on-site CNA also supports employees’ participation in Go365®, our employee wellness program. Go365 makes wellness fun and easy. Our employees use it to jumpstart their health journey and earn rewards for completing a variety of activities.

The Silver Lining: Putting Our Employees’ Health Front and Center

It’s difficult to think of anything positive that has come from the coronavirus pandemic. However, if there is one silver lining, the experience has helped Centrinex’s management implement even more ways to put our employees’ health front and center.

When the pandemic is over, Gu Gu and Lu Lu, our full-time CNA and Centrinex Health Clinic are here to stay, so we can stay ahead of the curve regarding employee safety. These measures will support our staff in taking care of their health and promote a work environment where your wellness is valued.

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