Centrinex’s Offshore Call Center in Costa Rica Gives Online Lenders Attractive Options

Centrinex’s Offshore Call Center in Costa Rica Gives Online Lenders Attractive Options

Call Center Lobby / Cafeteria in Costa RicaCentrinex began its offshore call center operations in Costa Rica back in 2008. Since that time many of our online lending customers have taken advantage of the Costa Rican call center’s attractive options. Currently the offshore call facility employs 65 people, but the space and infrastructure is ready for expansion up to 275.

If you are or soon will be considering an offshore call center, Centrinex’s facility in Costa Rica comes with several possibilities tailored to your needs such as:

  • Start a Spanish-language lead buying hot transfer campaign. Even with Spanish as the official language of Costa Rica, Costa Ricans widely speak a second language—English. Customer service representatives’ bilingual capability allows online lenders far more flexibility with their client communications, especially considering that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the U.S.
  • Use our offshore center for your offshore company.  If you currently have a company that is located offshore and would like all of your contracts to be signed by offshore companies as well, Centrinex is the solution.  You will have the anonymity of your contract with an offshore entity, plus all of the experience of an onshore call center.
  • Add more CSRs to your company’s existing infrastructure. With small time commitments and favorable pricing, why not?  If you currently have your own call center operation, what better way to supplement and back-up your organization than with CSRs in a different part of the world? It’s a pretty safe bet there won’t be snowstorms in San Jose any time soon.

The differences between our Costa Rican and Kansas call centers are barely noticeable. The Central American call center is operated and run just like the one in the Midwest. Centrinex has an associate living in Costa Rica full-time to oversee the call center’s processes. Centrinex officers frequently visit the offshore call center, though their primary focus remains here in the U.S.

Call Center - Costa RicaOur Costa Rican call center enjoys an incredibly low turnover rate with many employees working for Centrinex since it was started nearly five years ago. The offshore call center’s supervisors consist mainly of former CSRs who worked their way up the ladder. They are experienced in all aspects of the call center’s operations.

Have a trip to Costa Rica planned? Need a reason to plan one? We invite you to take a tour of our call center in Costa Rica. Heck, we’ll even arrange transportation for you. Call center tours take approximately 45 minutes. Just contact Bart and he’ll set it up. He’d love to have you!