Offshore vs Onshore

Offshore vs Onshore

Debating the decision to use offshore or onshore call center services? Centrinex’s experience in both offshore and onshore centers can help guide you.

There is no bigger debate in the call center management industry than offshore versus onshore outsourcing. Walk into any call center, and you’ll hear the same fear repeated: management has let “enlightened” customer service go by the wayside in favor of just doing it offshore for far less money.

Customers care about quality of service and efficiency of service, so one would assume that a company would have to be crazy or desperate to use offshore outsourcing. But why does cheap offshore labor equate with low quality?

Simply put, offshore outsourcing can succeed if it results in equal (or higher) customer service quality and lower cost. With today’s technology, the biggest challenge is no longer call quality or the representative’s access to information, which is virtually guaranteed worldwide. The biggest challenge is training representatives to perform.

Luckily, training is Centrinex’s specialty, and we have experience training representatives from Mumbai to Kansas City. No matter where your customer service agents are located, the principles of top-performing customer service do not waver. Centrinex is equipped to develop and equip agents from anywhere in the world to perform at the highest level of quality.