Centrinex to Attend OLA Conference

Centrinex to Attend OLA Conference

Centrinex, a leader in call center management for the financial services industry, will be attending this year’s Online Lenders Alliance Spring Summit in Washington, DC. Our CEO, Bart Miller, has served on the OLA Board since 2009 and is the Board liaison to the Emerging Lenders Council.

The OLA Spring Summit draws together hundreds of financial services leaders to meet with members of Congress and discuss issues impacting our industry. With the presidential election looming in the fall, we must seize this vital opportunity to ensure our voices are heard.

The past few years have been difficult for the financial services industry, and new policies can make it more and more difficult to maintain a competitive edge. Discussing potential legislation with our nation’s senators and representatives allows us to not only influence change, but to get a glimpse of the future. When we understand what’s coming, we will be better positioned to adapt to the coming changes without losing momentum.

What does that mean for you? At Centrinex, we understand that the conversation between a call center representative and your customer can make or break a relationship for your company. We recruit, train, and retain the best talent in the call center industry, and the most important part of training is understanding the financial services industry as a whole. Our training empowers call center representatives with the knowledge it takes to perform.

Centrinex uses the best people, tools, and market intelligence in the industry; when online lenders want to improve conversion and default rates by improving their call center processes, they turn to us. We know that call center management takes substantial experience, knowledge, and investment.

We understand financial services call centers better than anyone else, and believe in demonstrating it through analytics and measurement. If you doubt that outsourcing your call center management can improve your bottom line, give us a call.