A Contact Center’s Performance is Only as Good as the Team Behind It

A Contact Center’s Performance is Only as Good as the Team Behind It

August kicks off Centrinex’s “What’s My Story?” extravaganza

Behind every high-performance company stands (or stood) a leader (or group of leaders) whose victories (and failures) make it what it is today. Take the late Steve Jobs for example. There isn’t an Apple employee today who can’t tell you how the man’s vision made the company into the global phenomenon it is now, despite years of struggling with market competition. The same applies to business of all sizes.

After visiting a Kansas City-based small business and hearing its team tell the story of its founder in “living legend” style, it made us look at our contact center’s executive and management team. What was our collective story? What are our individual leaders’ stories? They are important to know because they are the foundation of our call center’s performance.

But with 25 executive leaders and managers managing a call center of nearly a thousand customer service representatives in two Overland Park, KS locations, how do you gain insight into each of those 25 pasts? We kick off Centrinex’s “What’s My Story?” extravaganza. That’s how.

THEY are the executive team, the managers, the lead supervisors, and the key administrative staff at Centrinex who make our contact center run as well as it runs each and every day. “What’s My Story?” is really all about THEIR story. It’s about the journey that brought these people to Centrinex and the reason for our clients’ successes. Whether they have been here for 10 days or 10 years, THEY have a story to tell.

So, we want them to tell it.

Each one of our 25 contact center’s executives and managers was asked to write his or her story. A tale of the past victories, successes, and yes, even epic failures – the events and lessons learned that turned him or her into a leader at Centrinex. Just one or two paragraphs about why they are here, what makes them an asset to the company, and what they have been able to achieve. It’s a chance to show off past accomplishments and their vision for Centrinex’s future.

We’ll hold a teambuilding event where our team will share their individual stories and we’ll recognize each journey. Finally, each story will be framed and hung outside each person’s door or for all to see, including visiting clients considering hiring Centrinex as an outsource contact center.

A contact center and its customer service representatives are only as good as the people behind it and leading the staff on a daily basis. Centrinex’s “What’s My Story?” extravaganza tells our story beyond the individuals. It shows why we are one of the most trusted and growing call centers in the US. And it proves why your company’s outbound and inbound customer service is in good hands with us.

Feel free to contact us for a personal tour and read the stories. Can’t make it by our Lenexa call center? Follow Centrinex on Facebook where we’ll be posting the stories in the weeks to come.