For Call Center Jobs, You Can’t Underestimate the Power of a Positive Work Environment

For Call Center Jobs, You Can’t Underestimate the Power of a Positive Work Environment

There are a lot of factors that go into creating a positive work environment. The leadership at Centrinex understands the value of a positive work environment, both in terms of our office space and our work culture. More importantly, we work hard to ensure our call center is a place where our employees feel comfortable. Let’s face it, when you have a positive work environment, you’re more productive, motivated and happier.

Updates to Centrinex’s Interior Space

Recently, Centrinex’s main call center in Lenexa has undergone some remodeling to make it a more inviting space.

For example, the interior color scheme. Color has a psychological effect on people. Our call center used to include a lot of browns. Brown is associated with dependable, rugged, trustworthy and simple. Those are great qualities, but we think a softer blue is a better fit for our call center employees and company culture. Blue represents trustworthiness and productivity, plus it’s calm and tranquil.

Along with a color scheme update, we remodeled our front lobby. An entrance is designed to make a first impression, and we wanted to make a welcoming one to both employees and clients. We moved away from the usual corporate reception desk toward a coffeeshop feel, complete with everything needed to craft the perfect coffee drink. We added seating areas for meetings, so people can move out of conference rooms.

Our employee breakrooms were next on the list. Time is precious. In the main breakroom, we included more vending machines, refrigerators and microwaves so employees can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying lunch and free time. The upstairs breakroom and restrooms also received a makeover.

Feedback from call center managers and representatives has been overwhelmingly positive on these updates. Yet, the best features of our interior space are what decorates the walls, employee recognition posters. Bart Miller, Centrinex’s CEO and Owner, says, “Celebrating our employees’ great work and accomplishments has always been a part of our call center culture. But, a few years ago, we took it a step farther than just celebrating for a moment. Award-winning employees are immortalized with their own 30” x 40” poster. We must have at least 50 hung throughout our space. It’s not only a symbol of pride for the winners, but also a reminder to everyone that it’s our employees that make Centrinex a terrific place to work.”

An Inviting Work Space Where Hard Work and Talent are Valued

When you are hard-working, talented, you want to work in a nice, modern space. What’s even better is when your skills are valued. What makes working at Centrinex as a customer service representative one of the best jobs for former servers, former customer service reps at other call centers, retirees, parents and college students is that we give the support and opportunity to take your career with us wherever you want to go.

More than 500 people work as customer service representatives for our clients, and they appreciate never feeling lost in the crowd. Our managers work one on one with you to determine your goals and give you the tools and training needed to achieve them. Whether you see yourself getting promoting to management, need flexibility with your personal life or supplement income in retirement, we take your needs seriously.

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Why is a Positive Work Environment Really Important?

When you work in a positive work environment like Centrinex’s call center, you’ll experience a wide range of benefits.

You’ll feel more productive. That leads to a better mood and completing tasks more efficiently. You’ll not only feel accomplished, but it usually leads to promotions and raises.

You’ll see the positive effect your mood and productivity have on others. We all know those people who are never happy and complain about everything. We also see how they drag others around them down. When you’re satisfied with your workplace and job, people notice. Making a conscious choice to be a positive influence on co-workers is management material.

You’ll advance your career. A positive work environment makes it more likely you’ll find opportunities to advance in your career. Through constructive coaching and training, you feel like you’re valued and make a difference.

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Centrinex is a Call Center Where You Want to Work

Between our inviting office space, positive atmosphere, great employees, supportive managers and excellent benefits, Centrinex is a call center where you want to work. From your initial interview to when you walk in the door for the first time or the thousandth, you’ll know you’re in a positive work environment because we check all the boxes:

  • Productive and welcoming space and environment
  • Open and supportive managers
  • Fun team members
  • Growth and advancement opportunities
  • Good work-life balance


If you’re open to possibilities and looking for the best call center job, check out our open positions and apply today. We’re looking forward to seeing what you bring to our team.