The Secret to Retaining Your Best Call Center CSRs

The Secret to Retaining Your Best Call Center CSRs

Okay, so maybe “secret” is a bit overly dramatic. Retaining your best call center customer service representatives (CSRs) isn’t rocket science. It’s not difficult in the least because there’s no secret to it. All it takes is acknowledging that it’s often the little things that deliver the best outcomes. And in this case, the little things are cash and recognition in exchange for a job well done.

Let’s get cash out of the way first. Is there any better motivator of performance? We think not and neither do our CSRs. Allowances, paychecks, bonuses, cold hard cash. It’s the reason anyone shows up to work day after day. The opportunity to earn more money above and beyond salary is unrivaled when it comes to encouraging call center CSRs to contribute just a little bit more. Cash is king in the land of incentives. Period.

Cash aside, sometimes professional call centers just need to have a little fun. For example, here at Centrinex our managers get a kick out of bestowing silly awards on CSRs. Not only does it offer a much-appreciated break from routine, it boosts morale. Silly is the operative word. Keep awards playful and remember there’s a fine line between funny and not funny.

In conjunction with good-humored awards, call center managers, management and owners should also recognize CSRs seriously. When a tricky call is handled well and a customer is saved, that information needs to flow through to management and ownership. CSRs deserve to receive acknowledgement for two reasons: it promotes hard work and serves as an example of high standards for their peers.

Silly or serious, personal recognition of accomplishment and effort have a psychological effect on a CSRs self-worth that no amount of money can match. It’s often the best investment a call center can ever make in retaining quality CSRs. And it’s definitely the least amount of effort that pays the biggest returns.

Keep the human in your Human Resources. It’s an element that cannot be underestimated. Even in the largest of call centers, every effort should be made to get to know CSRs by their names. Become familiar with them, put them in and promote them to positions that capitalize on their strengths. Just take a look at some of your best managers. We’d bet many of them started as CSRs who worked their way up the ladder.

Together, cash incentives, silly little awards, management recognition and retaining the human element of human resources cultivate a positive work environment in which CSRs feel valued. In return, the call center is more productive and remains staffed with loyal professionals.  And retaining talented professionals is one of our unique advantages here at Centrinex.  If you’re tired of dealing with your internal call center, give us a call and find out how we can improve your customer’s experience AND your profitability at the same time!