Setting Up Our Customer Service Agents for Success and Job Satisfaction with Call Guidance Software

Setting Up Our Customer Service Agents for Success and Job Satisfaction with Call Guidance Software

Centrinex is rolling out real-time call guidance software designed to set up newly hired customer service agents for success and keep experienced agents’ job satisfaction levels high.

Even starting out in the best customer service careers can be nerve-racking. This software gives agents confidence from day one.

New career opportunities are exciting, but starting a new job can be overwhelming. Whether you’re leaving retail work or management, making a career change from a restaurant manager or beginning a customer service career, there is a lot of information to learn, especially in a call center. Training is important, but also, you want to fly on your own. And, we want you on the call center floor as soon as possible.

Our guidance software means new agents don’t have to memorize scripts or worry about how they’ll respond if a customer goes off on a tangent. Instead, our call guidance software “listens in” on the call and gives agents the exact information they need to reply.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  • For each call, scripts pop up on the screen.
  • The software “listens” and checks off talking points as they’re made.
  • The agent gives the customer a call to action or question.
  • The customer responds and the software displays the best response, eventually leading to a resolution or sale.
  • At the end of the call, the customer is happy and the agent feels the satisfaction of a job done well.

The call guidance software is so easy to use that if you can read conversationally, you’ll find being a call center customer service representative easier than you imagined and very satisfying.

Other benefits for new agents:

  • Decreases your training and onboarding time from weeks to days.
  • Less time trainers shadow your calls and the quicker you’re able to handle calls on your own.
  • More natural conversation instead of being concerned about reciting memorized lines.
  • A higher sense of satisfaction with your ability to truly help customers.
  • The confidence of knowing what to do or say in every situation to make you feel in control.

Call guidance software isn’t just for new agents. Experienced agents love it, too.

When you’ve been at any job for a while, it’s common to feel bored. Boredom leads to mistakes, and soon enough you’re uninterested and unengaged. Centrinex is using call guidance software to support long-term careers. We promote 100% from within. Our managers have sat in the customer service agent’s seat. For agents who aspire to move up the ranks, Centrinex offers a clear path and lots of support to meet your career goals.

Using the call guidance software helps agents work toward a promotion, a higher salary and more “wins” in a day. Once an agent moves into a managerial position, the software is a great tool to use to support agents in your group, leading to better performance and company recognition.

The software is so easy even our CEO/owner, Bart Miller, can use it.

Bart Miller is hands-on with supporting our customer service agents’ success and job satisfaction. He’ll be showing our agents himself just how easy to use the call guidance software is. Always up for a good contest and some fun, he’ll be working alongside our agents and using the software himself. And, if an agent can earn more “wins” than Bart can following the software’s guidance, the agent wins a cash prize.

It Comes Down to Feeling Supported and Having Fun Where You Work

Combine our call guidance software with the gamification platform we’re testing, and Centrinex is a call center where agents not only feel supported in their job, but also just have fun. And, if you’re a super competitive type, the call guidance software will help you complete challenges, earn points for prizes and get promoted to new ranks. Learn more about our immersive gaming experience on the call center floor.

If you’re looking for a job change, a career with advancement opportunities, or just want to be part of a fun and rewarding work environment with lots of benefits, join our team.

Check out our job openings and apply today. We have a fast-paced work environment, so you can expect to hear back quickly from our human resource team.