Ever Wanted to Speak to Your Representative or Senator?

Ever Wanted to Speak to Your Representative or Senator?

OLA’s Hosting Its Spring Summit
Washington D.C.
April 24-26, 2013

Founded in 2005, the Online Lenders Alliance is an organization representing the growing industry of U.S.-based companies offering online consumer short-term loans.

The Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) produces the ONLY public policy event dedicated to the online short-term consumer lending industry. Leading online lenders will converge at this fast-paced summit to show legislators and regulators that the online lending industry is committed to the highest industry standards and best practices.

Hundreds of professionals in the online short-term lending industry gather to dispel myths, clear up the misconceptions, and educate the public, legislators and regulators about the demand and need for online consumer short-term loans at the OLA Spring Summit.

The Summit’s agenda is packed full of legislative and regulatory content critical to the online lending industry.  2013 Spring Summit events include:

• Visits to policymakers and legislators on Capitol Hill
• Valuable, actionable insights from regulators
• Latest updates on industry regulations and compliance
• Exclusive networking events with decision makers
• Sponsorship and marketing opportunities.

The highlight of the Summit is an afternoon on Capitol Hill meeting with policymakers and legislators. OLA prepares the industry to meet with Members of Congress and their staff members to educate them about providing innovative credit options for consumers.  You’ll be given a list of five appointments from your home state. A senior OLA rep and a Sherpa who knows the ends of outs of the meetings will accompany you and your small group. The influence this personal connection makes on legislators is unmatched.

It’s a unique opportunity to have your voice heard in the nation’s Capital and help safeguard your business from negative regulatory policies. Hill meetings with members of Congress have become one of the most influential industry activities. They’re also one of my personal favorites. House and Senate members do not receive new office desks. Rather, they are given desks used by previous members. The more senior the member, the more historical the desk. You could end up sitting in front of a former President’s desk.

I encourage you to join me this April in the nation’s Capital and represent the industry in this unified effort. With many critical political elections occurring this year, it is imperative that our collective voices be heard and we maintain friends in Washington, DC. In the wake of new leadership at the CFPB and changing regulatory environment, it is now more important than ever that you consider attending the 2013 Spring Summit. Hope to see you there.

Learn more or register at OLA Spring Summit 2013.