Tackling Online Lending’s Pressing Issues In New Orleans

Tackling Online Lending’s Pressing Issues In New Orleans

Short-term lending thought leaders, investors and innovators met for the Online Lenders Alliance’s (OLA) Leadership + Innovation Conference (LEND360) at Sheraton New Orleans October 15-17 to tackle our industry’s pressing issues, grow their businesses and share strategies and information. LEND360, in partnership with the Daily Funder, is revolutionizing the way online lenders and service providers work together.

The conference is known as the premiere event for online lending professionals, like Centrinex, drawing hundreds of decision makers from around the country. The three-day event was full of opportunities to discuss critical industry information and network with colleagues.

What is Online Lenders Alliance?

The OLA is an organization representing the growing industry of U.S. based companies offering online consumer short-term loans. Its member companies have agreed to a List of Best Practices and Code of Conduct developed by OLA to ensure that consumers are fully informed and fairly treated and are using all lending products and practices responsibly. OLA members receive recommendations on industry standards and best practices, as well as legislative and regulatory news on both the state and federal levels.

Who attended LEND360?

Short-term consumer and small business lenders, service providers, investors and technology companies attended LEND360 because it’s the only event covering everything there is to know about online consumer and small business lending. Bart Miller, Centrinex’s CEO and owner, was one among the approximately 450 people in attendance. Miller also serves on OLA’s Board of Directors.

Eight things attendees gained from attending the three-day event:

  1. Actionable, relevant industry information on payments, analytics, advertising and marketing, product diversification, and Operation Choke Point.
  2. Opportunities to diversify your portfolio and product offerings.
  3. The successes and challenges of others in consumer and small business lending.
  4. New products like installment, line of credit, retail installment, auto/auto title, peer-to-peer, small business and merchant cash advance.
  5. Ways to safeguard business with regulatory and legislative insight from top lobbyists and experts in the industry.
  6. Industry best practices to ensure compliance.
  7. Premium access to the investor community and where they are looking to invest.
  8. Ways to present innovation to get the attention of investors in the space.